It was on February 21, 1997, when Albin Johnson put on a stormtrooper (TK) costume for the first time for the premiere of the Special Edition of Empire Strikes Back. This day began the long journey of where we are today.

Albin was joined by Tom Crews on March 14, 1997, for the release of the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi. They created Detention Block 2551, a website that shared the adventures of troopers TK-210 and TK-512 and the stories of the Imperial unit dubbed “Vader’s Fist.” During the following months, fans from all over the world contacted them, asking to join the ranks.

Albin drafted an expansive design and created an online group dedicated to the Imperial Stormtroopers and those who wear their armor and named it the 501st Squad. It quickly grew and the Squad became a Legion, which now is a worldwide family that serves the community, raises awareness and millions for charity while building bonds between members and fans.

To commemorate the 25 years of service, Albin created this logo which gives tribute to the original namesake: Vader’s Fist. The logo also brandishes 25 stars to mark the club’s silver anniversary.