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Celebrating 25 Years

During the release of the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi on March 14, 1997, Albin Johnson and Tom Crews donned Stormtrooper (TK) armor to celebrate this exciting event. The reaction of the fans in the theater was so thrilling, that it gave Albin & Tom an idea. The website “Detention Block 2551” was created, telling the stories of…

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Hall of Honors

2023 MWG Legend Award: Michael T. Tate Sr. (TK-1117)

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Trooper Highlights

2023 Trooper of the Year: Greg Ladle (DZ-28101)

2024 Trooper of the Year: Joe Bialek (TX-41574)

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What We Do

In addition to providing a network for fans to meet, we are committed to the community. We offer support at charity events, fundraisers, and social functions by appearing as film-authentic Star Wars characters. While there is no cost to engage our services, we encourage donations to charity on our behalf instead.

Some notable local charities with whom we work include:

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Learn what it takes to be a member of Vader's Fist: from costume resources, membership resources, and sign up forms.

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