Midwest Garrison Virtual inFORMAL 2021

This event took place on Saturday, February 27th and celebrated the accomplishment of the Midwest Garrison and it’s members. This was the first time that we hosted the event virtually.

Speech by Ray “Rex” Bosques (Commanding Officer)

The one thing I LOVE about what we do and makes me very proud, is that we make a difference in people’s lives. Regardless of how BIG or small our participation is, no matter if it’s a special visit, a convention or any other event, we get to shine a light and bring smiles. Whether it’s for family going through a tuff time, or fans at an event; we get to make a difference.

2020 was a roller-coaster ride. No one was prepared for all the curve balls the year threw at us. Who would have thought that C2E2 was the last big event were most of us would be hanging out together?

But not matter of the unprecedented times we faced last year, members still found a way to stay active and keep the Garrison moving forward. I want to take this moment to thank all our members that are essential workers, individuals that regardless of the shutdowns, still had to go out there to work and keep our communities going. But the BIGGEST shout-out goes to all the members that found ways to stay motivated and made time to participate in the different projects and events that kept our Garrison giving back to the community.

Well, 2020 is gone now, and we have a new year. I’m not sure what 2021 has planned for us, but I know that we’re bouncing back. I understand that with the lack of events, it’s hard to get motivated. However, the GCS has some neat projects and announcements coming up and I’m very excited.

Before I move on to the announcements, the plans for the upcoming year, and awards sections, I want to leave you with this.

“Tough times don’t last, tough teams do. Remember, no matter how bad things get, we have a great community, with fantastic members. Let’s be the change we want to see and keep making a difference.”

Event Coordinator & Charity Rep Team (Adrian & Rick) 2020 Report announcement.

  • The Midwest Garrison participated in a total of 69 events
  • 52 Mission Reports were filed
  • $12,736 raised direct charitable donations
  • $331,800 raised indirect charitable donations

Garrison Public Relations Team (Heather, Gemma & Kevin) presented the MWG Year in Review 2020 video.

Garrison Membership & Web Liaison Team (Mike, Kevin & Chip) presented the Class of 2020.

Merch Team (TJ & Ted) presented the Merch Schedule for 2021.

Web Team (Joseph) announced the launch of our NEW Website.

TOTM Winners was presented by our Special Operations Officer Tim.

TOTY was presented by our commanding officer.

Congratulations to Tim “Done” Dunne and a special “shout-out to all our runner ups.

  • Bobby Anderson (RogueWon) 25739
  • Darryl Sorensen (R2-S5) 4050
  • Gemma Billings (meitru) 23622