IN-Highland-MWG & Bloodfin "Bloodlines" releas

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IN-Highland-MWG & Bloodfin "Bloodlines" releas

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IN-Highland-Star Wars:Bloodlines (book promotion) August 29

501st Legion participants:

Rich Markle, SL1781 (Darth Vader)
Phyllis Schulte, ID1951 (Jedi)
Kevin Robinson, BH1180 (Boba Fett)
Erik A Slazyk, TK1510 (stormtrooper)
Joe Macudzinski TS4071 (Snowtrooper)
Bryon Mesarch, TK2390 (stormtrooper)
Rudy Grasha, BH3620 (Boba Fett)

These Legion members participated in their 3rd Star Wars book release event for Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, Bloodlines release promotion event for Ballentine/DelRey on August 29, 2006 at the Borders (10135 Indianapolis Boulevard) in Highland, IN 46322. The members handed out special promotional Boba Fett temporary tattoos to customers.


Star Wars(r) Legacy of the Force Bloodlines Written by Karen Traviss


More pictures:
Schph Gochi wrote:Mission photos... ... cd&.src=ph

I particularly like the ones at "Customer Service"

As always....great to see the "usual suspects" at the Borders in was great to have a larger group so we could have some outside...and some inside...

Interesting too that the one guy in the Celebration T-Shirt did go looking for a bookstore that would have a "release" event...and drove to Highland just to see us...

and.....we had two waiting...
dad vader wrote:Had a Blast guys,Thanks to all those who could make it out,I will be sending Katie,Catlin and Lori Hile discs when I get my photos developed!!!!Along with a very nice Thank you letter..

John the General Manager of the store wants me to send him the proposed release dates from the other books...he has said he would like us back for all of them!!!
The store employees get a big charge out of us. I am going to be copying and framing that shot of us under the customer service sign with a caption of "Our Customer Service Team,Are you sure you have a Complaint????"
LionsPride wrote: Had a great time all and was great to meet Eric, and to finaly see Rudy out Trooping.

I even noticed a few return customers there to see us from when we were there for the last book release
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