12/29/17 Fri - Project TL Delivery - Chicago 60611

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12/29/17 Fri - Project TL Delivery - Chicago 60611

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Event: Project TL Delivery
Dates: Friday, December 29th
Venue: Ronald McDonald House
Address: 211 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
Event Time: 9am - 11am
Arrival Time: 8 am
Volunteer Hours:
Building: 24 hours
Delivery Day:
Troopers Involved:
Alex Almazan (GA) CDZ1120/ Magma TK
Eugene Almazan (Smuah Gunnery) 80870 / EVCO / Photos / Handler
Jeffrey Hole (wileecoyote113) 70113 / Vader
Kevin Skiera (Rebel Doughboy) 9336 / FOTK
Kristof Cho (GA) CTB 2068 / TB
Mike Dickinson (Avatar190) 66598 / Photos
Ray Bosques (Rex Fett) 3499 / EVCO / Photos / Handler
Rob Gram (RedMask) 33050 / TB
Rudy Grasha (FettSwatCop) 3620 / FN Trooper
Sandra Almazan (SFIbana) 10428 / Officer
Sean Cho (MasterXero) 19803 / TK
Stephanie Clark (IvoryOwl) 21831 / TI
Tim Dunne (Modal Nodes Roadie) 54750 / TI
TJ Wonogas (tacosunday) 33431 / TI
Valerie Kessler (StephTrooper) RL / Rey
Kevin Grasha - Trooper Support
Walt “WTF” (Rottie) 4934 / donated armor kit
Steph Mortimer (StephTrooper) Recruit / donated soft parts
Josh Smith (Red43j) 43430 / support

Comments: Tyler is a 9 year old young man that was diagnosed with a neurological tumor called a Wilms Tumor on December of 2014, and exactly 1 year later the tumor was back. Eugene saw the mother’s post and decided to make a difference by bringing some Star Wars love to the family.

Tyler beat cancer, and rang the bell on Friday, December 29th. The 501st Midwest Garrison crew was there not only to celebrate his landmark event in Star Wars style but also to make him a MWG Honorary Trooper.

Thanks to Walt from WTF, who donated the TB kit and Steph Mortimer for making all the soft parts, Tyler will be a Biker Scout from Star Wars Rebels. Also a HUGE thank you to the crew that has took the time out of their busy schedules, especially now during the holiday season, to bring a HUGE smile to Tyler and his family that have been through a difficult journey these past few years.

What a happy end to this year.
Yesterday I did nothing and today I'm finishing what I started yesterday.

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Re: 12/29/17 Fri - Project TL Delivery - Chicago 60611

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. WOW! Great job by everyone involved! :thumbs:

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