IL-Monticello 4H club Camp Healing Heart Event-10/06/07

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IL-Monticello 4H club Camp Healing Heart Event-10/06/07

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Illinois, Monticello 4H club Camp Healing Heart Event


Saturday, October 6th, 2007, troops from the Central Illinois area of the Midwest Garrison set up an outpost to add cheer and excitement to the Camp Healing Heart Event in Monticello, Illinois. We set up our tattoo station while our troops donned their armor and headed into the fray of younglings clamoring for their attention.


The event is for younglings who have suffered a traumatic loss in their lives. Counselors moved their charges to different game booths set up for the children’s amusement. The organizers of the event had a backdrop set up for photo opportunities.

Our tattoo station marked nearly 150 younglings, if not for life, then at least for the next few weeks. Our fliers flew off the table, though mainly to be used for getting the autographs of Lord Vader and Boba Fett and the troopers. You haven’t lived till you seen a Stormtrooper try to sign autographs using his thigh armor as a table. Gloves and helmets are not conducive to scribing your TK#.


After several hours with the children our troops gathered for pizza and talks about plans for future events.


Chip Childress, SL-9965 as Darth Vader, event coordinator
Ryan Summers TK-2429, Stormtrooper
Kevin Kemarly, TK-3290, Stormtrooper
Rob Sipes, TB-3033, Biker Scout
Mark Berry, BH-4265, Boba Fett
Belinda Berry, ID-5187, Costume Support
Jim DeJan, TI-3853, TIE Pilot, Tattooist
Emily DeJan, TI-1802, Costume Support, Tattooist

More Photos: ... 0c4e00.pbw
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Kathy is 9989, I'm 9965. Can you fix this Jim? Thanks.

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tk9965 wrote:Kathy is 9989, I'm 9965. Can you fix this Jim? Thanks.
I know, it was an honest mistake -- Chip & I look so much alike :P :lol:
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Great Job Gang ! Looked to be a VERY nice and WORTHY troop ! I'm sure you brightened a lot of kids lives that day . This is what makes it all fun .
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