question about participating

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question about participating

Post by hubris »


I have finished my costume a while back, only thing that is semi missing is the storage pack for my back, and some trims.
I would like to start showing up for events and wanted to know if I needed to get my TK# before trying to contribute.

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Re: question about participating

Post by Atrek »


I do know that I had the same question while waiting to get certain things and being approved. Is there is a specific event you are thinking of?

I know that you can "shadow" certain events such as wearing your costume or just helping other members with certain things (ie: some people with stormtrooper armor need a helping hand or making sure someone with a helmet on doesn't run into somebody on accident). Usually this is up to the event coordinator or the person running the event which a 501st member would know the details about who to ask, etc.

Hope that helps. :bucketsoff:
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Re: question about participating

Post by Coin »

As each event is different, an answer can't be given across the board, be we highly encourage you to come out to any public event we are at and hang out with us, get to know us see if there is anywhere were going to be from there to help with more directly. We like new faces!
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Re: question about participating

Post by Fleetfang »

Atrek and Coin pretty much covered it. It would really depend on the event. Some of our troops have a cap on the number of characters that the host can accommodate, for example. Others are strictly canon appearances.

When I was in drama school, they didn't allow us to audition for plays outside of school before we graduated, because they didn't want an 'unfinished product' to reflect poorly on the institution, and I think for our higher-profile stuff that would still be the case. Membership has its priviledges. ;)

It would also depend greatly on how close to completion a costume is. If it's just a case of a thermal detonator that needs to be completed or if some trimming for a better fit is needed, it might not be that big a deal. Even full members forget their det from time to time, and if the trimming is not for appearance, but just for fit, then the public likely won't notice. But what if it's an Officer without a hat, or a Scout without his saddlebags, or a TK without proper boots? Then things get a little tougher...

It's really hard to draw a line with these sorts of things, so the best course is to get your finishes finished! :bucketsoff:
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Re: question about participating

Post by Sakic Jade »

Hello trooper. Almost there! Everyone else pretty much covered your question. Its been a few weeks, how are you coming along? We'd love to see that approval come in and add another trooper to the ranks!
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