Fort Wayne, IN - Salvation Army Fundraiser 9/22 & 9/23

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Fort Wayne, IN - Salvation Army Fundraiser 9/22 & 9/23

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Hi everyone, Tim from Indiana with an event I'd like to make you aware of here in my town of Fort Wayne.

I'm trying not to spam you all with lots of stuff from outside your area but we have a potentially big event here in Fort Wayne coming up in a few weeks. I know it's a short notice but there were some hiccups getting LFL approval, however that's all cleared up now and we have a green light to troop the event. This is a real opportunity to help raise a lot of money for a worthy cause and have a party with your fellow legion members at the same time. If you have questions please feel free to contact me or Joel Ruprecht, and if you're interested please go to the Northern Darkness Garrison Forums to sign up: ... =77&t=1241
I hope you'll give it your consideration.


Event details from Joel are below:

Event Name: The Salvation Army 10th Annual Fall Fundraiser
Venue: The Salvation Army Fort Wayne Corps Community Center
Venue address: 2901 N Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805

Map Link:

Event Start: 9/21/18 - 6:30pm-10 EST
Event End: 9/22/118 - 10-2pm EST
Event Website:
Expected number of attendees: 800
Requested number of characters: NA
Requested character types:
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Comments: The Salvation Army's 10th annual Fall fundraiser is Star Wars themed. The entire building (over 133,000 square feet) and parking lot (over 30,000 square feet) are converted to match the theme. This event has raised up to $140,000 in the past. All proceeds go to benefit those in need in the community. The Salvation Army does not discriminate when serving our neighbors who are struggling.

We are asking the Northern Indiana Garrison (and surrounding garrisons if interested) to help by trooping during the event. Two unofficial meetings have occurred with members of Northern Indiana Garrison members and have gone very well.

So far possible activities include:
-Pod racing
-Droid competition
-Bounty Hunter Badge (scavenger hunt)
-Escape Echo Base (escape room)
-Endor Training (archery)
-Jedi Temple Training (obstacle course)
-Jedi Council Test (written trivia)
-Porg Adoption/Creation (make a porg, aspca adoption)
-Garbage Shoot Find (scavenger hunt in the trash compactor)
-Mos Eisley Cantina
-Hope Lighting (create SW luminaries)
-Shop Junk Yards of Jakku (vendors)
-Youngling crafts
-Planet Employment
-Cantina Karaoke
-Light Saber Crystal Mining
to list just a s few…
Referred by: Some of The Salvation Army staff are friends with members of the Northern Indiana Garrison. However, the 501st is already well known in the community for participating in parades and other events supporting 501(c)3 organizations.

I got some details about this troop for you all. I’m very excited about this troop this opportunity to hang with you all, to work with the Salvation Army and the Fort Wayne community to make a positive impact for NE Indiana. Please share this info with any and everyone you know who might want to come out and participate! The characters and people of StarWars are really what make it a special Galaxy, PLEASE, come out and help make this a special experience of all the attendees and volunteers.

Ok so basically here is the rundown of the info I have:

This is a two day event. Sept 21 and 22nd. The 21st is an evening event from 6pm-10ish, and the 22nd from 10-2pm. Each day has a different theme and activities. The 21st is a dinner banquet, food and beverages (alcoholic as well) will be served within an atmosphere representing the casino scene from The Last Jedi. This will take place at The Orchid in New Haven, IN just outside of Fort Wayne. 11508 Lincoln Hwy E, New Haven, IN 46774 ( Volunteers will be provided a free meal! Costumes participants will be asked to mingle and take pictures, role play and interact with the guests.

After this event, the Salvation Army has invited us back to the SA headquarters in Fort Wayne (2901 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1909, United States) where the activities on the 22nd will take place, for free popcorn and drinks. The SA will be running vans from the SA headquarters in Fort Wayne to the Orchid for those of you that want to park your cars in Fort Wayne and not have to worry about driving. There will be room for tubs! They will drop the projection screen and show movies all night, provide big comfy cots to sleep on and bring in a crew to make us free homemade breakfast in the morning. We really want to see folks from out of town, make this a great excuse to see our brothers and sisters of StarWars and have time to enjoy each other’s company without the hassle and expense of finding hotel rooms and such.

The event on the 22nd is a complete immersive StarWars experience. Businesses and organizations, all local, are sponsoring areas that exhibit their products, knowledge/expertise and/or services. During this time, costumed guests will have 5 tickets to give to their family members, free! Also, their ticket stubs will grant free admission to FantasiCon (which is in Fort Wayne, just down the road, that Saturday and Sunday) The event is inside (with a/c) and outside, weather permitting.

90% of the proceeds goes right back to the community of NE Indiana to help end child sex trafficking (which is the fastest growing crime in NE Indiana) and the Charlotte Ministries, which helps premature babies.

There is a large changing and storage area for us. Weapons allowed. These are my dear friends and they have made it clear that they will accommodate anything we need to make this a wonderful experience for us and the guests. We’d like to open it up to Droid Builders, Rebel Legion and the Mercs as well. Pull as many folks as we can. The characters in SW are what make it so special, the people. SA wants us all to be there, happy and actively participating to make it a fabulous time.

Thanks so much. If you have any questions, please ask me on Facebook or at Jama and Tim, our contacts at the SA, are two of the most amazing people I have ever met. I’ve known Tim since we were 5yr old. Good peeps, good cause, awesome event with a sleep over to boot! They were talking about a patch to commemorate the sleep over too, I’ll see if that is still a go. My buddy has the design all made up, just not sure if we can get them in time.

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Re: Fort Wayne, IN - Salvation Army Fundraiser 9/22 & 9/23

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Thanks for the invitation, Tim. I'll keep this in mind, as this is the kind of event that I like doing. One thing though, the date in your title is different than what's listed throughout your description.
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