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Weapons & Conventions

Post by Krugor »

Quick question about allowable weapons props in conventions, specifically C2E2.

From C2E2 policies page:

Prohibited -

Hard prop weapons (including props made of metal, fiberglass and glass)

Sharpened blades are of course prohibited, but based on the note above, it doesn't sound like they allow any dull weapons such as swords. This seems kind of weird, since they sell metal swords and stuff in the vendor area.

I am starting my Force Glaive build for my Kir Kanos build this week. I am planning on using thick aluminum stock for the blades ground down to a faux edge (dull). Will this be a prohibited weapon for C2E2? It will be kind of a let down if I have to make a set of foam blades to swab out for the show.


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Re: Weapons & Conventions

Post by Avatar190 »

Well, technically, if you go by that policy there, then light sabers are also prohibited since the Lexan blades could be classified as glass. But, that said, light sabers look less sword-like than Kir Kanos' glaive. Considering the double blade on that weapon, security might be a little stickler to detail on those rules. You might be able to case them, and bring them with, and while at the booth, put them in place. Swap them out while walking around.

Instead of foam, could you use acrylic, lexan or something sturdier?
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