Roll Call Question: Molds, Casts, + Sculpts - Reynold

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Roll Call Question: Molds, Casts, + Sculpts - Reynold

Post by srsmith332 »

Do you guys go to this place? Reynold's Advanced Materials?
What's your experience with the foams they have here.

I was thinking about have a 2 or 3 way kind of sculpt for my headpiece when I get to that point. I was thinking about using two elements of foam along with some kind of skin (thinking dragon skin silicone, or latex. Latex being the last resort). Also I was wondering if you guys might be able to lend your aid for a day or two to assist me with making this kind of mold, if the need arises. I don't expect you to give your time lightly, I simply want to know if you guys exist on the forums here. Also I'm wondering if you'd be open to helping out a fellow in-the-oven future member! :P

I have met people who do light weight molds for small parts. This will be no small mold. It will be a large mold actually. 5-6 piece large mold, I'm guessing, we'll know in the days to as my 5th iteration of my headpiece comes to fruition.

Anyways, have an excellent day!

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