Tusken accessories question

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Tusken accessories question

Post by PirateYeti »

Hi there,

I currently have a reserve tie pilot kit, but would actually like to have a tusken raider kit. We have the material, but I have some questions on the accessories. ( I heard we have some experts here :D )

1: I like the style of the gaffi stick and mace head in the CRL, I was hoping someone might know the dimensions of the mace head and possibly which wood was used, or even the guide on making that specific one (krayt clan forum is filled with the pineapple club head builds, which I am not a fan of).

2: For the bandolier, where might one find a triangle ring (seems weird typing that out), or do you just get a brass rod and make one, or do you make a jig and pound a D ring into a triangle?

3: Advice on weathering.

Thanks, hope everyone is having a great day :thumbs:


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