Darth Revan Saber Hilt

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Darth Revan Saber Hilt

Post by DeathStarr »

I have a full deluxe version of the approved 501st Darth Revan Costume but am lacking a lightsaber. After extensive research it seems that the closest saber to get is the Shock version from Ultra Sabers. But it would still require some modifications and painting. Does anyone have any other information as to where to find a suitable Revan Lightsaber? There was a presale a few months back that I found but I believe the run is over and it isn't being made anymore.



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Re: Darth Revan Saber Hilt

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From what I understand, other than Ultra Sabers, these are the places to check.




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Re: Darth Revan Saber Hilt

Post by Bloodhound »

You are looking for the Fallen (red blade) and the Reborn (purple blade) by Saberforge. You won't be disappointed.

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