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Post by chrisy2030 »

I have spent some years looking up and searching for some good quality stormtrooper armor and I think I've finally found some but i could use a little advise/help. I found this site ... opers.html but could you tell me if you heard of them or if any of there stuff is any good. They claim to have the new episode VII helmet which is why I find it a little fishy, it looks amazing though.
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Post by SL9965 »

Stay away from Star Fortress. I've always heard bad things about them. If anyone else has other information,please post about it. In my opinion, don't jump the gun on Episode 7 armor, I'm sure many other, more reputable, prop makers are working on sets now.
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Post by Coin »

I'm not a Stormtrooper but if I wanted to be I would go to the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment of the 501st or FISD at and ask the same question well as waiting for the answers here, because we have some of the best Stormtroopers ever here
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Post by Chills »

I'm a newbie who's starting to work on his first stormtrooper costume. Like the others have said, head over to The guys on FISD are awesome, they'll point you in the right direction for your suit. There are also tons of threads with directions and tips for building.

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