07/17/21 Sat St Jude Runners

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07/17/21 Sat St Jude Runners

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07/17/21 Sat St Jude Runners
Event: St. Jude Runners, Washington IL
Date: Saturday, August 17th, 2021
Venue: Washington Square
Address: Washington Square, Washington, IL 61571

Mark Berry (4265) Mando
Brad Hartsock (1397) Wookiee EC
Charlotte Hartsock (12164) Handler/Photographer
Adam Will (61559) mando
Kate McGee Will (1980) Mando
Chip Childress(9965) TK
Marc Casey (51367) Bothan
Jason Spatafore (26334) TK
Adam T Camp (63549) Imperial Officer
Josh Smith (43430) Shadow Scout

direct donations collected $6,223.01
Indirect money raised $11,121.20

Another Record year for this event :thumbs: :thumbs:

Brad Hartsock

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