09/03/2017 - Kane co Cougars SW night

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09/03/2017 - Kane co Cougars SW night

Post by riverstormtrooper »

Event: Kane County Cougars Baseball Star Wars night
Date: Saturday Sept 2
Address: northwestern Medicine Field Geneva, Il
Total hours trooped : 3 hours x 22 troopers
Troopers involved:
Dusitin Ebers TK Evco
Nate Troxel reserve tie pilot
Tom Rosy TK
Josh Robertson Shoretrooper
Peter Marciano Tie reserve pilot
Tj Wonogas. Tie pilot
Kent Heath Biker scout
Joe Bialek At At driver
Tim Dunne tie pilot
Chris Kowalski biker scout
Shannon Buetsch. Boushh
Mike Dickinson tie pilot
Heather Dickinson tie pilot
Scott Eckelberry Lobot
Valerie Meachum Rey
Chris Buersch boba Fett
Mat Agrest Bodhi rook
Brian Gurak Scorch
Tom Turner chewbacca
Todd Roesner Tk
Kelly Baldridge Mara Jade
Matt Yackley Tk

Despite the rain early in the game we did get around the areas where we'll covered due to the large volume of troopers and the size of the event. Great job before we got soaked !
Dustin Ebers
FISD TK 71709

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Re: Kane co Cougars SW night 9/3/2017

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. Great job! :thumbs:

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