IL-West Suburban Symphony Orchestra-October 18, 2003

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IL-West Suburban Symphony Orchestra-October 18, 2003

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Originally posted by Bob Meritt, Loreleaf, (6/13/04 6:11 pm)
Name of Event: West Suburban Symphony Orchestra
Date(s): 18 October 2003
Place: Berwyn, Il. / Hinsdale, IL.
Coordinator/Point of Contact: Kathy

Link to event Information:

West Suburban Symphony Orchestra Webpage
MWG Illinois Board

MWG Members that attended:

-TK9989 (Stormtrooper) Kathy
-Queen Quincy (Queen) Quincy
-Biker Chic (Biker Scout) Gretchen
-Loreleaf (Stormtrooper) TK0549 Bob
-TK604 (Stormtrooper) Luis
-JackKillian (Rebel Pilot) Andrew
-TK737 Stormtrooper Duffy
-TB0101 Bikerscout Aimee

Rebel Legion:

- Jedi Phyllis(Schopf Gochi),
- Jedi Mary(AmberEyes),
- JediJeff

Pictures located at:West Suburban Symphony Orchestra Webpage

Summary write up:

The Western Suburban Symphony's "Out of This World" concert on October 18th featured three pieces from John William's "Star Wars" scores along with pieces by Elgar and Holst.

Members of the Chicago Force organized a Toys-for-Tots drive
and decorated the auditorium lobby with Star Wars memorabilia, props and back-drops.

12 Members of the Midwest Garrison, Rebel Legion and Chicago Force costuming groups marched through the
seated audience during the third John Williams Star Wars piece of the set, the "Imperial March".

We arrived early enough to plan and practice our
performance along with the symphony. We rehearsed our route around the theater several times, coordinating our steps with the length of the piece of music. We ran through it about 4 or 5 times until we were satisfied with our timing and made special note of any potential obstacles on our course. We decided we would keep our presence a special surprise for the audience and stayed hidden in the dressing area. Then we got in our costumes and waited for our cue.

After the audience was seated the orchestra played the Star Spangled Banner and then launched into the Star Wars theme music to begin their suite. Our group divided and entered the darkened theater from the two rear doors as the orchestra began with the second piece in the suite, Leia's theme. We waited and listened for our Imperial cue. As the first notes of the Imperial march began, we proceeded to march down the two center aisles towards the orchestra on stage. I am not certain exactly how the audience initially reacted to our presence, since I was wearing my helmet and was mostly paying attention to navigating the same course we had rehearsed earlier that was now in darkness. We circled each side of the audience twice while the orchestra continued to play. The lighting technicians searched the audience area with spot lights while we made our way around the seated patrons. Upon our second march around the audience, we turned towards the center and ascended the ground-level choir risers in a formation below the conductor and the orchestra on stage. The orchestra completed their Star Wars suite with our group posed in front as the finale.
The audience responded with thunderous applause. We then exited the theater and waited in the lobby to greet the concert patrons at intermission where many asked to pose with us for pictures in the decorated lobby.

The children especially enjoyed our costumed presence. Several of them attended the concert in their own Star Wars character costumes. I was approached by several audience members inquiring about our availability to work with Make-A-Wish, since they knew of several terminally ill children in area hospitals who would appreciate a visit from members of our group. I provided contact information and said that we would be more than happy to work with them anytime.

- Submitted by Kathy

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