WI-Elkhart Lake-25thAnnual Road America Walk-October 25 2003

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WI-Elkhart Lake-25thAnnual Road America Walk-October 25 2003

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Name of Event: 25th Annual Road America Walk/Run
Date(s): 25 October 2003
Place: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Coordinator/Point of Contact: Trent

Link to event Information:
MWG Wisconsin Board
Road America Web Page

MWG Members that attended:
TK0585 Trent Thornton
TK549 Bob Merritt
TK257 Jason & Andrea
TK787 Dan & Chris
TK737 John Duffy & Lisa
TK9989 Kathy & Quincy
TK118 Tom Schaefer
TK321 Robb Roidt
Andrew Marsh Rebel pilot
Mike W as Betelgeuse the 'bio-exorcist'

Pictures located at:
Mike's Pictures

Summary write up:
In total, 2300 people raised $140,000.00 to benefit the Ameican Cancer Society in this 25th anniversary event.

The members of the Midwest Garrison group walked the race course in costume for nearly two miles. The weather was FANTASTIC! We turned off the track at the halfway point and headed back up to the finish line.

Later in the day, we ended up in downtown Sheboygan first storming Younkers department store and then heading out to the Electronics Boutique mall in armor in the evening.

The dry fountain picture session should turn out fabulous! I can certainly see them in any future recruiting packages that the MWG puts together!

AND-----TK118 can drive in armor WITH HIS HELMET ON!!!!!!

We are all surprised that he didn't get pulled over!

I had a blast. It was great, even though I was the only rebel. Must complete fett or tie costume pronto. Anyways I had fun, my feet are saying something different but I am not listening to them. Great turn out for wisconsin. Let me know if we got in the news or anything. When I get my pics developed I will post them. Awesome pics Mike. Next time you have something like this planned put a little notice in IL as well. I didn't really know about it untill the chicago halloween parade. Haunted House was great but next time lets go on a night when the entire city is not there. Need to charge my phone for those times of getting lost in the maze. Sorry for holding you up trent. Thanks again for letting me go on the last minute. Can't wait to troop again, I mean get shot again, or arrested. - Andrew_______________

Can you believe he actually said that?
- Submitted by Kathy and Andrew

TK/SL/ID 549
Midwest Garrison
501st Legion

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