WI-Elkhart Lake-26th Annual Road America Walk-10/23/04

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WI-Elkhart Lake-26th Annual Road America Walk-10/23/04

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Name of Event: 26th Annual Road America Walk/Run

Date: Saturday October 23, 2004

Place: Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI

Coordinator/Point of Contact: Trent Thornton

Midwest Garrison members in attendance:

SL585 Trent Thornton, Sheboygan, WI (Darth Vader)
TK9989 Kathy van Beuningen, Chicago, IL (stormtrooper)
TK118 Tom Schaefer, Hanover Park, IL (stormtrooper)
DZ895 Michael Washko, Kenosha, WI (Tusken Raider)
TK464 Jason Humphrey, Lake-in-the-Hills, IL (bikerscout)
TK737 John Duffy, Crystal Lake, IL (stormtrooper)
TI2079 Andrew Marsh, Suburban, IL (TIE pilot)
ID533 Dan Wiechman, Oshkosh, WI (Imperial Officer)
TK860 Mike Zimmerman, Plymouth, WI (stormtrooper)
TK257 Jason Piekarz, West Allis, WI (film/video camera)
SL1900 Greg Bywater (still camera)

and our family members.

Link to event Information:

Road America /Cancer Walk Oct 23rd 2004

Pictures located at:


Summary write up:

On Saturday, October 23, 2004 members of the Midwest Garrison participated in the 26th annual 4-Mile Road American Walk/Run in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. Trent Thornton, TK585, of Sheboygan, WI organized the Midwest Garrison's participation for the past two years and has himself participated in this benefit walk for the past 14 years. Trent's employer, Pentair Water of Sheboygan, Wisconsin sponsored a team of 51, including 11 Midwest Garrison members. Despite the cool temperatures and rainy start, our costumed Imperials walked the 4-mile course in 1 hour and 28 minutes. A team pledge total of $ 5,473.00 was matched by the Pentair Company for a total donation of $10,946.00 to the American Cancer Society.

Road America Walk/Run A Success http://www.roadamerica.com/

Over 2100 people took part in the 26th Annual fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society on Saturday October 23rd. Despite damp weather and wind, the participants were steadfast in their support of this worthy cause. Over $133,000 dollars were raised through this afternoon event for a grand total of $1.9 million over the last 26 years. Thank you to all who took part and continue to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Trent took care of our participants with commemorative event t-shirts and treated us to a fine luncheon afterwards.

I was asked today "Will you be back next year ?"
I replied " I'm looking forward to my 15th year"
--Trent Thornton, TK585, Midwest Garrison

On a sad note, our cousin Terri passed away Monday (10/18 ) night after her battle with cancer the past few years. I am going to be walking in her name this Saturday. Please think some nice thoughts for their family.
--Michael Washko, TK895, Midwest Garrison

We suited up, IN THE RAIN. After about a 1/2 hour or so we moved to the starting line. As if it was scri pted, it stopped raining as the walk started. Some kid said, "HEY STORMTROOPERS! We remember you from last year. One of you chased me." I turned around and said, "I thought you looked familiar" and yes, I cased him again this year!
We walked the entire track, a little over 4 miles, stopping at each mile marker for pics. At about the 3-mile mark, I took my boots off and walked the rest of the course in my socks. My boots gave me HUGE blisters on my heels. Everyone was in various degrees of pain. After we got back to the cars at the end, we all suited down and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.
Andrew got the worst of the damage from the walk. Upon removing his boot, he found his sock soaked in blood as his boots badly tore up his heels! Next year, SNEAKERS no boots. I had a great time and I can’t wait to be a part of this again next year!
--Tom Schaefer, TK118, Midwest Garrison

Despite the far-from-perfect weather conditions, we all had a great, albeit soggy, time.
I may have pneumonia right now, but we definitely proved that we could do it!
Andrew should now be up for a MWG Purple Heart after this event.
I have never seen anyone one bleed that much from participating in an event.
**mental note** Be certain to wear comfortable shoes!

--Kathy van Beuningen, TK9989, Midwest Garrison

Kathy van Beuningen TK9989
Midwest Garrison CO

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