WI-Madison-FilmCon4 - February 20-22, 2004

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WI-Madison-FilmCon4 - February 20-22, 2004

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Name of Event: FilmCon4
Date(s): 20 - 22 February 2004
Place: Madison, Wisconsin
Coordinator/Point of Contact: Kathy

Link to event Information:
MWG Wisconsin Board
FilmCon Web Page

MWG Members that attended:
Kathy van Beuningen 9989
Bob Merritt 549
Jason Piekarz 257
Phyllis Schulte 1951

Pictures located at:

Summary write up:
TK257 & spouse attended Friday's activies
ID0549 attended Saturday's activities

Future 501st member Schph Gochi attended the entire weekend as well as Quincy & I.

Highlights included the costume contest, where ID0549 received a judge's choice award for his Imperial Officers Uniform.

HE MADE HIS OWN OFFICER'S BOOTS!!!!!!!! I am SO impressed! He also sewed his officer's tunic & trousers.
The trousers have a real waitband, belt loops & zipper fly. THAT is a difficult construction. It did take him 4 months to complete. I can tell the time was very well spent. I would have given Bob an award too! He Looked MARVELOUS!

Phyllis too! She had a bit of assistance from a tailor, but her uniform looks great on her too!

Quincy won the Best Child award by default. She wore her new Dorothy costume. I also won a judge's choice award for my Wicked Witch 'performance' I only spoke 2 witch-y lines and had no flying monkeys. I must have made some sort of impression though.

The costuming panels seemed to go well. There was a good audience attendance. The room was small & a bit warm, but the 2-hour time blocks just flew by for me.

The auction was fun. Seeing the films was fun. The technical panels were informative. The Lord of the Rings panels were also imformative.

I am glad we went to this.

- Submitted by Kathy

TK/SL/ID 549
Midwest Garrison
501st Legion

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