IL-Winnetka-Stephan Klein's Birthday Party-February 22, 2004

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IL-Winnetka-Stephan Klein's Birthday Party-February 22, 2004

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Name of Event: Stephan Klein's Birthday Party
Date(s): 22 February 2004
Place: Winnetka, IL.
Coordinator/Point of Contact: Duffy

Link to event Information:
MWG Private Board

MWG Members that attended:
Kathy van Beuningen 9989
John Duffy 737
Bob Merritt 549
Barry Benecke 523

Pictures located at:
Barry's Pictures

Summary write up:
A small birthday party was taken over by imperials, as there was talk of rebel scum in the area. First we sent in DZ-523 to scout the area. He determined that the threat was minimal, so we moved in.

Little did we know that they had been waiting for us, quickly they surrounded TK-737 and disarmed him. Leaping into action TK-549 and TK-9989 gathered up the little rebels for a mass arrest. Meanwhile DZ-523 had struck a blow to their leader (see above picture) thus putting an end to the uprising.

Quote from Alex (Stephan's father)...

You guys provided their party with an unforgettable experience. How cool could that be, to be visited by storm troopers? Stephan is now easily the most popular kid in his class...

TK/SL/ID 549
Midwest Garrison
501st Legion

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