IL-Glendale Heights-Reskin's Ice Cream Social-May 26, 2004

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IL-Glendale Heights-Reskin's Ice Cream Social-May 26, 2004

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Name of Event: Reskin's Ice Cream Social
Date(s): 26 May 2004
Place: 1555 Ardmore Ave. Glendale Heights, IL 60139
Coordinator/Point of Contact: Jackkillian (Andrew)

Link to event Information: MWG Illinois Board

MWG Members that attended:
James DeJan TI 3853
Emily DeJan TI 1802
Tom Schaefer TK 118
James Tampa SL 1020
Jessi Tampa TI 3228
Andrew Marsh BH 2079
Greg Fisher TI 7748

Special Guest:
Bob the Rebel Scum Pilot

Pictures located at:
Jim's Pictures
Marstoq (James') Pictures

"Great time was had by all!"

"Thanks Andy!"

"It's these events, ones with kids, that I LOVE!
There is nothing better then seeing the looks on the kids faces when they see us! Makes all the work, travle ect worth it!"

"This was great fun and the kids loved seeing us, especially at the start because they weren't expecting us!"

"It was a great deal of fun with the very curious youngsters."

TK/SL/ID 549
Midwest Garrison
501st Legion

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