IL-Neander Star Wars Wedding-June 12, 2004

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IL-Neander Star Wars Wedding-June 12, 2004

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Name of Event: Neander Star Wars Wedding
Date(s): 12 June 04
Coordinator/Point of Contact: Bob Walton
Link to event Information:

TK 118's Site
MWG Private Board

MWG Members that attended:

Greg Fischer TI7748 Tie Pilot
Jim & Emily DeJan Tie Pilots
Bob Walton Tk1216 Trooper
Tom Tk118 Trooper
Phyllis ID1951 Jedi
David Foust & Wife Boba Fett
Andy Marsh Mandalorian
Orlando Ledezma TA-2215
Bob SL 0549 Vader

Pictures located at:

TK 118's Site
Jim's Pictures

Summary write up:

Well Orlando and Bob Walton participated at the church. The rest of us met up at the reception, at a christian school. Well Bob 2.0 found out the gym was open, so we went in there to suit up, Well after stumbling in the dark trying to find the lights.

Once the lights were on we saw a mural with a roman and the saying "Put on the full armor of god" Ironic since we were putting our armor on in there! (Sorry my pic of that didn't come out)

Well after Andy went WAY WAY WAY too far west, he finally got there and we all got ready. The wedding party arived and we all headed in in front of the party, we stood in back of the head table as the wedding party walked in and sat down. While the maid of honor was reading her poem, it was sooo quiet.. well except for Bob 2.0's vader breathing! LOL Here I am traing to reach around him to try to turn it off. it didn't work and all it looked like was I was feeling his butt. LOL

We walked around, talked to the guests, played tag with the kids, Bob W. passed out tattoos to the kids. After we were done eating, a few of us suited down. I stayed in armor. Yes, once again I did the chicken dance and Hooky Pooky in armor! LOL

Afterwords we all went to Cheeseburger in paradise, Well we tryed, a 75 min wait.. So where did we go? HOOTERS! Thanks to Bob, Bob and Duff for the treet! You guys rock! I still say that waitresses voice is the female equivalent of Beaker from the muppets.

All in all it was a GREAT time and I was happy to be a part of it!

CONGRATS to the bride and groom!

- Submitted by Tom - TK118

TK/SL/ID 549
Midwest Garrison
501st Legion

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