IL-Chicago-Blackhawks appearance benefits charity-Oct 2005

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IL-Chicago-Blackhawks appearance benefits charity-Oct 2005

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MWG Storm Blackhawks game in Chicago

Tue Nov 01, 2005 4:33 pm

Well thanks to the efforts of a new Vader in the MWG, Ted O, we were lucky enough to be part of The Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Game Vs. Detroit Red wings on Oct 29th at the United Center in Chicago.
We had in attendance Darth Vader, An Imperial officer, 3 Tie Pilots, 2 Biker Scouts, A ANH Leia and 4 troopers -- One of those being the now famous @#%$ Trooper.

After arriving at the United center and entering in the press entrance, We were issued our credentials, listing us by name and as "Entertainers" and shown to our locker room. There we suited up and while we were getting ready, we had a surprise, "Tommy Hawk" the team mascot! well, the guy playing him. He was suiting up along side us.
How cool was it to be suiting up in one of the locker rooms in the United Center? WOW.

Well once ready to go we were shown the way to the main lobbies where we had full run. Shook, hands, took pics and greeted kids. Even got stopped by the Hawks Ice girls for pics with them! SWEEEET!

After about 45 min or so, Someone came up to one of our two spotters saying we were just asked up to the owners box! So off we went in full force to the owners box, where we met with their grandkids and took a few pics. WOW, Once again Just being a trooper got us into areas that 90% of the people don't get to go much less see!

Just after 2nd period we were told we should go by entrance 118, YES My TK number I so rock, we did and sure enough, Vader, a tie and @#%$ trooper were caught by the cams and shown on the jumbotron! The crowd loved it!

After a bit more trooping we were shown the way to backstage and got to go behind the scenes by the zambonis. We got to go right up to the glass next to the ice and all! AGAIN, Areas most NEVER get to see! After the game we suited down and headed home.

From the sounds of it, we were a HUGE hit and there may be a possibility we will be asked back!

Pics will be posted tonight.

TK, TD, TR, TI, DZ, TC (EP2 & 3) 118

Blasty Trooper wrote: Tue Nov 01, 2005 6:10 pm

Here are our pics from that night: ... /index.htm

We had a blasty great time! :D And the Red Wings won again!!!

Planning thread:
Blackhawks game appearance benefitting charity - Chicago, IL - October 29, 2005

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