IL-CHICAGO-Episode III Charity Premiere-MAY 12, 2005

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IL-CHICAGO-Episode III Charity Premiere-MAY 12, 2005

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Name of Event: Children's Memorial Foundation Special Events: Star Wars Episode III Charity Premiere

Date: Thursday, May 12, 2005


Pre-Party location: Adler Planetarium Time: 5-7 pm

Movie Premiere at 8pm

AMC River East 21
322 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Coordinator/Point of Contact: Kathy van Beuningen

Midwest Garrison, Rebel Legion and Jedi Assembly members and friends who participated:

Mike Washko - TK895 - (Tusken)
Kathy van Beuningen - TK9989 - (stormtrooper)
Orlando Ledezma - TA2215 - (Clone pilot)
Jim Tampa - TB1020 - (Bikerscout)
Tom Schaeffer - TK118 - (stormtrooper)
Javier Esqueda - TK265 - (stormtrooper)
Mike Plesha - SL356 - (Darth Vader)
Aimee Jorgensen - TB0101 - (bikerscout)
Andy Miller - BH0542 - (Tusken)
Kimmy Smith - DZ677 - (sandtrooper)
Rich Markel - TK1781 - (Darth Vader / stormtrooper)
Trent Thornton - TK0585 - (stormtrooper)
Arturo Delgado - CT412 - (JANGO FETT)
Andrew Marsh - TI2079 - (Rebel pilot)
Jessi Tampa - TI3228 - (TIE pilot)
Jason Humphrey - TK464 - (stormtrooper)
Mario Soto - BH5670 - (ARC trooper)
Dan Giese - TK6254 - (stormtrooper)
Jason Piekarz - TK257 - (stormtrooper)
Bob Merritt - TK549 - (stormtrooper)
Stacey Feldman - Rebel Legion / Luminara Jedi
Shannon Greene - Rebel Legion / Jedi
Mike Tate TK1117 - Jedi Master
Chris Dembowski (Chunk) - Rebel Legion Rebel Pilot
Shannon Dembowski (Chunk's daughter) - ANH Leia
Quincy Newkirk - Queen Amidala
Vince Newkirk - ID9990 - Grand Moff Tarkin
Bob Walton - TK1216 - Sandtrooper
Mary Walton - Aurra Sing
Bobby Brinegar - TK1164 Stormtrooper
Gina Martino ID6216 - Clone trooper
Jeff Wilk - Jedi
Luis Bolieve - TK604 - Bikerscout
Lionel Botarri - EPIV Obi Wan Kenobi
Emma Botarri - Aayla Secura Jedi
John Duffy - TK737 stormtrooper
Lisa Wetzel - stormtrooper
Thomas Spanos - SL1876 Clone Emperor
JIM Nieciecki - TS1139 snowtrooper
Dan Powers - TK280 - stormtrooper
Cheryl Whitaker (TJA & RL) - Jedi
Carrie Favela - Jedi
Josh Mack - TK636 - Jedi
Dana Gasser - sandtrooper
Jose Salcedo - stormtrooper

Link to event Information:

Episode III Charity Premiere - MAY 12, 2005

Summary write up:

Members of the 501st Legion, Midwest Garrison along with other costumed characters provided Star Wars ambience at the Adler Planetariurm. This will be a Star Wars themed rooster party featuring The goal is to theme the event as "Entering the Galaxy" at a location that features views of Chicago.

Event Information:
Children's Memorial Hospital is proud to announce our partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox for the premiere of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Lucasfilm Ltd. has made it a tradition to partner with various charities for the premiere of the previous Star Wars movies. These premieres, which in 2005, will be held in 10 cities around the country, serve as an opportunity to focus on important organizations serving families and children.


Lucasfilm selects Chicago charity for Episode III

As posted on

Lucasfilm Ltd. and 20th Century Fox announced today that Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith will premiere on May 12 in 10 cities across the United States. As has been a tradition for the previous "Star Wars" movies, Lucasfilm will use the premieres to raise critical funds and awareness for issues affecting children and families, by working with local charities.

"These charitable organizations are the leaders in direct services and advocacy for children and families," said George Lucas. "I'm delighted that the screenings can help these amazing organizations, which do such important work."

At each premiere, a portion of the theater seating will be made available to disadvantaged children. The film will be released in theatres on May 19, 2005.

The charity in Chicago is:

Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL: Founded in 1882, Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, is recognized as one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country and remains the only freestanding children's hospital in Illinois devoted exclusively to children and adolescents. Children's Memorial is a leader in medical and nursing care, research, education for health professionals and advocacy for the general well being of children. Children's Memorial serves more than 94,000 children annually.

Hi Kathy,
Thank you so much for all your efforts and support over these past few months! You made the event a huge success~

I did forward your name onto (the parent of the child), I am guessing she is the mother who contacted you for her son's birthday party. I hope that was OK?

Have a great weekend and I will talk with you next week!

Thank you again. I am truly grateful to each and everyone of you for helping to raise awareness about Children's Memorial Hospital!


Molly Keating
Coordinator, Affiliated Organizations and Events
Children's Memorial Foundation


Hi Kathy -

Thanks so much for all of your help making the Star Wars premiere a huge
success. You guys were great!

FYI: Did you see Quincey's photo in the Sun-Times today? She's on page 11..


Amy McGee
Manager of Media Relations
Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
1300 S. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60605


I'm sure you've already heard from Molly and Moira, but on behalf of the entire foundation and hospital, I would like to say thank you to you and all of the stormtroopers for all that you did to make our event such a huge success. All of you were an integral part of our event and were a big hit with all of our guests, especially the kids.

I want to let you know that Jeff Hoover from WGN will be contacting shortly for another appearance on their show this week. I hope it's ok that I gave him your e-mail address.

Thank you again. It was great working with you.





Thank you for everything you did for us and the event! You and the entire Garrison were amazing. You were the hit of the party…people were truly mesmerized!

We appreciate everything that you did and look forward to working with you in the future.

We would like to speak with you about having a character or two come to the hospital sometime in the next week to visit the patients. Unfortunately, there are many characters (storm troopers, darth vader) that can not come to the hospital because of the anti-violence guidelines that we strictly follow at the hospital. I was thinking that maybe Obi Wan or another character that is not “violent” could come to the hospital.

Let me know your thoughts. We would love to engage the children in the excitement of Star Wars.


Moira A. McGinley
Associate Director

Kathy van Beuningen
Midwest Garrison CO

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