IL-Naperville-DuPage Symphony Concert-July 23, 2005

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IL-Naperville-DuPage Symphony Concert-July 23, 2005

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Members of the Midwest Garrison, Jedi Assembly, friends and family came out to celebrate the music of great composers including John Williams and Gustav Holst on Saturday, July 23rd 2005 in Naperville, Illinois.


Name of Event:

DuPage Symphony Memorial Concert

Date: July 23, 2005

Naperville Community Concert Center
Naperville, Illinois

Coordinator/Point of Contact: Kathy van Beuningen

Link to event Information:

IL-DuPage Symphony SW concert - JULY 23

MWG Members and friends that attended:

Imperial Stormtroopers:

Chris Schwarz - TB9442 - Bikerscout
Jeremy Wilcox - TK7503 - stormtrooper
Kathy van Beuningen TK9989 - stormtrooper
Bob Walton - TD1216 - sandtrooper

Bounty Hunters:

Mark Berry - BH4265 - Boba Fett

Jedi Knights:

Phyllis Schulte - ID1951 - Jedi Knight
Mary Walton - BH5202 - Jedi Knight
Cheryl Whittaker - Jedi Assembly - Jedi Knight
Pat Phinney - Jedi Assembly - Jedi Knight


Nikki Wilcox - ANH Princess Leia


Raven Walton - Clone youth (Blue)
Harley Walton - Clone youth (Blue)
Kaitlyn Schwarz - Clone youth (Blue)
Quincy Newkirk - Clone adult (red)
Audra La Brosse - Clone youth (Blue)

Christine Schwarz - Photographer

Pictures located at:

By Christine Schwarz ... ny%207_23/

Summary write up:

Earlier in the year I received a request from Honorary Midwest Garrison member, Jeff DeLong of the Museum of Science & Industry:

A friend of mine, Brian R. Schultz, was killed on New Year’s day. He was in a cab on the way to Union Station when he was broadsided by a drunk driver. A friend of mine in Naperville is working on a free concert of Star Wars Music with DuPage Symphony orchestra in his memory. Star Wars was one of his favorite movies. Gary Pradel is his name, his dad is the mayor of Naperville.
We’d love to have you all come out and join the Symphony. We will be featuring a 25 minute version of the Star Wars music.

I informed both Jeff & Gary that we would love to do this event. Hundreds of children and their families came out to hear the music that evening. Many of them lined up to take pictures with the troopers, Jedi knights and bounty hunter. Several children even wore their own costumes. Dozens and dozens of lightsabers were seen in Central Park that evening. The Force was strong with this concert.

Dupage Symphony Orchestra

Featured Selections:
Gustav Holst’s The Planets
Star Trek Through the Years
John Williams - Star Wars Suite
and more!

Be sure to bring your camera as you and your kids can shake hands with a Storm Trooper and other characters from the Star Wars movies thanks to the talented members of the midwest garrison. This performance features John Williams’ Star Wars Suite along with favorite excerpts from Gustav Holst’s The Planets, and Star Trek Through the Years!
Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure in music as the DSO takes you to the far reaches of the universe. Watch for special non-earthling surprise guests AND Dancers from the Naperville School of Performing Arts. This is a great family outing that will be a hit with kids of all ages. Whether you're a Star Wars fan, a Star Trek buff, or just love great music, you're sure to enjoy this concert.

Some notes from our members:

Sharing the experience:

The first word that comes to my mind is enthusiasm! The kids and adults were so very happy to see the costumes and they showed it. These kids were there for Star Wars! But, I caught a lot of the adults (and some VERY adult adults) throwing around some of the dialogue from the movies also. One little boy had a bunch of questions for me about Darth Plagieus. But how great is that! Perhaps the costumed participants made the kids enthusiastic to see the Symphony and that might possibly introduce them to a broader enjoyment of music.

It was so awesome to listen to the music and to catch the enthusiasm of the musicians and the conductor as well. I got a good laugh when a little girl brought a lightsaber up to the conductor so that she could use it to conduct the Symphony with it. And watching the conductor struggle to extend the blade...but she kept at it till the blade came out. And the music iteself. Though I didn't listen to all of it (just had to get out of that costume) that which I did hear gave me goosebumps. The folks with the DuPage Symphony seemed so genuinely happy that we were there!

On a personal note:
I am quite used to blending into the background when I am in either one of my costumes, but Saturday night was a little different. The Symphony crowd was very enthusiastic about seeing Jedi costumes. I probably had more requests for photos than I have ever experienced....and I think that it was more the number of Jedi than just me alone. We had 4 Jedi there and the adults and kids really got into getting photographed with all 4 of us with lightsaber stances. More costumed participants = more impact!

Which reminds me that as much as I went back and forth with the impending heat, I was so glad that I went. Life experiences like this are what I made the costumes for. Yes, it was an approximate 3 hour round trip for me...and was hot....but stepping out of being Phyllis and being Schph Gochi is the great reward. I hope that future costumed opportunities are populated with as many members, regardless of what costume they wear, as possible. It is what we made our costumes for....right?

Big thanks to the DuPage Symphony officials for inviting us...I assure you....a good time was had by all.

--Phyllis Schulte - ID1951 - Jedi Knight

---Concert good! There were so many children! So many children wearing Star Wars costumes, shirts, carrying sabers. Man. They were thrilled beyond belief to see us there. Not just us (a few) troopers, but they were really glad to see Jedi too. This is one of the first times that I have noticed that the attention was a bit more equal. Some times, I hear some complaining about how the stormtroopers get all of the attention.....but that's usually because there are more of us (at events) ......and often the 1 or maybe 2 Jedi (go unnoticed)
I think that (the attention) was due to some more representation --- or at least it was almost equal.
We had 4 Jedi, 3 troopers, 1 bikerscout, 1 Princess Leia and 1 Boba Fett. (No Darth Vader) All of our kids were clones and ran around the park & the grounds.

(Gary from the bank) was so happy that we were able to make it.

I was moved when the orchestra was playing the Star WArs music. I always remember hearing that music. THAT is what thrills me the most about Star WArs. That is what originally made me so interested in it. Beyond a doubt -- it was the music.

--Kathy van Beuningen TK9989 - stormtrooper


It was a lot of fun and the little boy who kept bragging about his father doing the Vader voice without the voice changer was priceless!! You could tell he idolized his father and thought that was the coolest thing-LOL!

The people at the concert were so nice and the girls can't believe that they got free water.

It was pretty funny that they didn't start the concert until AFTER we were inside out of view. And it was more funny at intermission when all those kids were outside just waiting for us...

--Mary Walton - BH5202 - Jedi Knight

My wife and i had a great time. I'm going to scan the picture that a boy drew of a stromtrooper and gave to me. It was a really good drawing for his age.

--Jeremy Wilcox - TK7503 - stormtrooper

The organizer was very courteous and was exstatic to have us. Even the conductor was happy to have us there. I agree with the jedi getting pictures. Normally you're right Kathy, being a jedi you get a few pics, this time the 4 jedi seemed to be knee deep with picture takers.
The crowd was great, very enthusistic, and some of the youngsters were very knowegable in Star Wars lore. I remember telling a father that the difference in my armor was since I rode a speeder bike, and his son chimmed in and said it hovered over the ground soice bikes use wheels to get around. Got a laugh out of the conducter asking us to go downstairs for we would probably distract the children when the music started, rightfully so.

--Chris Schwarz - TB9442 - Bikerscout

Kathy van Beuningen
TK/ID9989 / TKvanB
Midwest Garrison CO, 501st Legion


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Hi Kathy,

Wow, thank YOU for all of your efforts and getting your team out there. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback about how wonderful your group was and how they added so much to the event.

Brian R. Schultz is the person we were remembering. He was a good friend of mine and I miss him terribly. He would have loved seeing your team. You can get more info on him by going to:

Thanks again for all of your help!

Kind Regards,

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