WI-Oshkosh-National Free Comic Book Day-May 7, 2005

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WI-Oshkosh-National Free Comic Book Day-May 7, 2005

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Event: National Comic Book Day

Date: May 7th, 2005, 6PM-9PM

House of Heroes
407 N. Main St.
Oshkosh, WI

Event Summary:

For being a 1 person trooping event, I wasn't planning on there being an impressive turnout, but I underestimated!

Saturday night was the "Art Walk" in downtown Oshkosh, so all of the Main St. businesses were open and the sidewalks were packed with people. Not only were the comic shop patrons/employees impressed to see a real Stormtrooper, but the general public was in awe. The store had a front window display area where I'd pose as a mannequin to scare the passing patrons who would stop to admire the Stormtrooper "statue". Thanks for that tip, Washko!

We did a walk up and down the street, stopping at the other businesses to invade the stores as well as working the crowd. After stopping to pose for what was easily over 100 photos with passer-bys, nearly causing 2 accidents because of rubber necking drivers, and aquiring 4 temporary "Trooper Groupies" for an hour (sorry to steal your gig, Tom!), it was close to calling it a night. I received everything from compliments, to party invitations, to hugs, kisses...even phone # offers (those poor women...this married man hated breaking their hearts, but it was great for the ego!).

The House of Heroes owner was extremely appreciative of the 501st presence promoting his store, FREE Comic Book Day, and Star Wars in general, so after turning down his offer of $$$, he was generous enough to make a donation to my suggested charity: the Christine Ann Center, a local shelter for abused women.

A truely fantastic experience that I won't soon forget. The owner had a disposable camera, but if I can get doubles from him, I'll be sure to post.

TK-533 reporting...

Daniel Wiechman
Midwest Garrison

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