IL-Bartlett-Independence Day Parade-July 3, 2005

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IL-Bartlett-Independence Day Parade-July 3, 2005

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Midwest Garrison Celebrates the Nation's independence in Bartlett, IL

Name of Event: Independence Day Parade
Bartlett, IL

Date: July 3, 2005

Place: Bartlett, Illinois

Coordinator/Point of Contact: Tom Schaeffer

Link to event Information:

4th of July Parade Bartlett- July 3 05

MWG Members and friends that attended:

Tom Schaefer TK118 - stormtrooper
Andrew Marsh - BH2079 Custom Mandalorian
Bob Marsh - Rebel Pilot
David Foust - BH2460- Boba Fett
Tanya Foust - TI1574 - support crew
Mike Washko TK895 - Driver
Jean Washko - Co-pilot/tosser
Taylor Washko - marshmallow tosser
Natalie Washko - marshmallow tosser
Trent Thornton SL585 - Darth Vader
Katlyn Thornton - banner carrier
Kathy vanBeuningen TK9989 - stormtrooper
Quincy Newkirk - Imperial Cheerleader
Greg Fisher - TI7748 - Tie Pilot
Jim Tampa - TB1020 - Bikerscout
Jessi Tampa - TI3228 - Tie Pilot
Katie Tampa - Her cute little self
Jim De Jan - TI3853 - Tent security
Emily DeJan - TI1802 - Tent security
Franklin - Jedi (scum)
Philis Schulte ID1951 - Jedi (scum)
Joseph Flores -TI1296 - Tie Pilot
Alexandria Flores - support
Chris Schwarz - TB9442 - Bikerscout
Katlyn Schwarz - her cute little self
Christi Schwarz - Support
Aimee Jorgensen TB0101 - Bikerscout
Bob Merritt TK549 - stormtrooper
Mike Plesha - TK356 - stormtrooper
Dave B - Driver
Jen B - Support
Jason Humpfrey TK464 - stormtrooper
John Duffy TK737 - stormtrooper
Dan Geise - TK6254 - stormtrooper

Pictures located at:

By Chris Schwarz ... /my_photos

By Mike Washko ... /my_photos

By Chuck Tazten ... index.html

Summary write up:

Members of the Midwest Garrison marched in the Bartlett, Illinois Lion's Club parade on Sunday, July 3rd 2005.
This was the Garrison's 3rd consecutive year in the parade.
Over two dozen costumed Garrison members, their families & friends, a few Jedis and a Rebel pilot, 2 trucks, one motorcycle and over 2,000 bags of marshmallows patrolled the nearly 4 mile long parade route. The marshmallows were donated by Tom Schaefer's employer,Doumak Inc. and tossed to spectators from the back of a truck loaned by Mike Washko's employer, Anthony Pontiac of Gurnee, IL.
The truck also featured a Star Wars Imperial March mix that played from speakers Mike had mounted on the back of the truck.
Mike Washko operated the vehicle, while his daughter Taylor handed bags of marshmallows to costumed members to distribute to the crowds.
Eager children lined the parade route waiting to see Darth Vader and his Imperial crew and to get their hands on a bag of marshmallows.
Afterwards, the members of the Midwest Garrison enjoyed an afternoon picnic in the fairgrounds at the end of the parade route.


You all made this parade a great time.

Thanks to Greg for the tent.
Jim & em for watching the tent durring parade and preparing everything.
Jim for cooking!
Eveeryone for the food and drinks
Mike W for the truck
Dave B for the scooter. The FX Rocked!
Aimee for the comedy!
Dan for the ice fight
Kathy for the MWG Poldron (sp)

I think this year went great! and Next year wiill be even better!

Dave F, LOL That fas a roit walking the carnival in armor! LOL - Tom TK118
Kathy van Beuningen
TK/ID9989 / TKvanB
Midwest Garrison CO, 501st Legion

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I was looking through our Garrison's mission reports and found entries for ALL of our adventures at the Bartlett Independence Day parades. This is pretty cool! 2005
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