MI-Berkley-Boy Scout Meeting-November 14, 2006

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MI-Berkley-Boy Scout Meeting-November 14, 2006

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Name of Event: Boy Scout Family Pack Meeting

Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Place: Pattengil Elementary School

Coordinator/Point of Contact: Ken Friedman

Midwest Garrison members who participated:

Shawn Payne – SL 2996 – Darth Vader
Susie Leopold – Rebel Legion – Princess Leia (also IS 7305)
Dave Gates – BH 8875 – Boba Fett
Candy Bosselmann (Palpatine - Indiana)

Roger Rehman – DZ 0866 – Tusken
Richard Bueker – DZ 3688 – Gamorrean Guard

Belinda Hodge – ID 1241 – Imperial Officer
Carolyn Brown – ID 6156 – Imperial Officer

Jeremy Pawelek – TB 5152 – Biker Scout

Jeff Pintal – TC 4131 – Clone Trooper

Dan Provost – TI 5925 – TIE Pilot
Martin Pondell – TI 5750 – TIE Pilot

Jay Shimko – TK 0130 – Stormtrooper
Rome Ohnui – TK 1800 – Stormtrooper
Barry Hodge – TK 1421 – Stormtrooper
Chris Brown – TK 3829 – Stormtrooper
Rob Brang – TK 2280 - Stormtrooper

Ken Friedman – TR 0544 – Royal Guard

There were also some small costumers, Roger Rehman’s two daughters as mini-Princess Leias, Jeff Pintal’s son was a Jawa, Shawn Payne’s son was a mini-Stormtrooper and Ken Friedman’s son was a mini-Royal Guard.

Link to event Information:
MI – Berkley – Boy Scout Meeting – November 14

Summary write up:

Ken Friedman had been looking for an opportunity to merge the worlds of Boy Scouts and 501st costuming. He finally saw the opportunity to do so when he was slated to run a Family Pack meeting with the theme of “Hobbies and Collecting”.

Ken invited fellow costumers to come to the meeting, participate in the awards ceremony, then show the scouts how a simple piece of plastic can be molded into a costume. The children would also have the opportunity to take photos with the costumers. Ken made sure their parents brought cameras for the occasion.

Things changed a bit when former Boy Scout Barry Hodge received news that he and his wife Belinda were going to be part of a documentary about the upcoming 501st participation in the Rose Parade in Pasadena. The documentary crew would be in town the day that Barry had already agreed to be at this event. After talking it over with Ken, they agreed to let the documentary crew film the event.

Belinda Hodge wrote, “As many of you know, Barry and I have been contacted by the documentary group for the Rose Bowl Parade. The film crew will be at our house TOMORROW (Tuesday) and have asked to attend this event with Barry to film the Michigan Squad in action! This is rather short notice, as at first they were not going to be around Tuesday night to film, but now they are! I highly suggest being on time, as the film crew needs to have everyone in the 501st sign releases as well and they want to capture us "getting ready". We have worked out all of the details with Ken and Promethus Entertainment. They will be providing release forms for the school and for the kid's parents to sign. Therefore, if you want a chance to be the in documentary, ATTEND! Girls and boys alike (even though this is Boy Scouts!). I will be there in my officer uniform and Barry in TK. This is a GREAT opportunity for the Michigan Squad and we're so excited that the timing for their visit worked out to include an event! “

The atmosphere in the changing room was different than normal with cameras seemingly everywhere at once. The camera man was not shy about getting very close during moments when a bit of privacy would have been preferred and the sound man jumped over armor tubs making many costumers nervous. They filmed the group getting into costume, and then they filmed Ken telling all the costumers where they should go and what they should do.

The young Scouts had no idea that Star Wars was about to invade their meeting. In fact, many were wondering where Ken was, after all, he was supposed to be running the meeting. Seemingly out of nowhere, Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper escort appeared to an audible gasp from the crowd of Scouts and their families. Once all the costumers were in the gym, Ken showed all the kids that he was the Royal Guard, and the mini-Guard, his son!

Ken had assigned troopers to be in charge of the different packs. These leaders helped hand out merit badges and awards to the young Scouts. When they were all done, the children and costumers took pictures. Some of the girls gathered around Princess Leia and the two mini-Princesses and colored in the activity books while the two Imperial Officers put temporary tattoos on the children.

Later, Ken gathered everyone up again, so the Scouts could learn about the men and women of the 501st. Next was the demonstration on costuming. Roger Rehman stood in front of the group and showed them a simple piece of plastic. Then he showed them the varying stages that the plastic goes through to become a TIE Pilot chest box. The kids (and many adults) were shocked and amazed. They had heard that we make our own costumes, but now they understood a bit of the process.

Not long after that, the groups had to part ways. The costumers went back to their regular lives and possibly recruited some new troops … in about 10 years.

After the event, many troopers who participated let Ken know how great his first event was. He was even nominated for Midwest Garrison’s Trooper of the Month for his work in putting this event together! Dan Provost nominated Ken with this write up:
“I would like to nominate for Trooper of the Month November 2006:

Ken (KIFS) Friedman-TR544 for organizing the Boy Scout Troop 1081 event at Pattengill Elementary in Berkley, MI, on November 14th, 2006.

This was a very nice family oriented event where we actually participated in the scouts’ awards ceremonies. These impressionable groups of young men (and their families) were all very thrilled to have us there and I'm sure several future members will come from this group! Ken actually choreographed and directed how we would play our parts and stay in character. At the end we all de-bucketed and introduced ourselves, told how we got involved in the 501st, and exactly what it was that we all did (the costuming, the prop building, the charity events, etc.).

The best part was that this coincided with the documentary crew that was filming trooper Barry Hodge for the Pasadena event in January. Ken allowed them to be involved in this. The kids were thrilled, and we all got to be movie stars for the day.

Ken has helped a great deal in past events but this is the first time he planned an event on his own, and it was very professional. Go Ken!


Dan Provost Ti5925”

Photos from Ken and Sharon Friedman and from parents of Scouts can be found here: http://www.blastylava.com/Gallery/costu ... /index.htm



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