MI-Costumers visit special kids at 2 Michigan summer camps

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MI-Costumers visit special kids at 2 Michigan summer camps

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Blasty Trooper wrote:Members of the MWG and RL visited some very special kids in July and August. On three seperate days, our troops visited two worthwhile summer camps- SCAMP and Special Day Camps!!!

On July 10th, Jon & Susie Leopold visited kids at SCAMP- a summer camp for kids with special needs. I had the pleasure of getting to know most of older kids earlier in the year when I helped with an autism program at a local high school. Here are photos from that day: http://www.blastylava.com/Gallery/costu ... /index.htm

This photo is of Patrick, who proceeded to hug the TK about 6 times while waiting for the bus. :D His counsellor introduced him as "that's Patrick, he's a hugger." :lol: Image

The MWG had a fundraiser for SCAMP on June 24th where we raised $436. Photos from that event: http://www.blastylava.com/Gallery/costu ... /index.htm

On July 26th and Aug. 1st, Michigan Squad troops and RL members visited Special Day Camps- a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings. The July 26th visit was met with the siblings and our troops braved a rainstorm. The visit on Aug. 1st was with the brave little boys and girls with cancer. Our troops again had to deal with the weather as temperatures were close to 100 degrees. Both weeks were very successful as Carrie Ivey TK-2682 got up in front of the kids seeing if they knew who each charater was and their role in the movies. Photos from Special Day Camps: http://www.gotarmor.net/specialdays/specialdays.html

Here is after Vader was given a rose made by one of the kids and they all proceeded to give the Sith Lord a group hug.

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