MI-GR-MWG raises over $1100 for Make-A-Wish Aug 19, 2006

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MI-GR-MWG raises over $1100 for Make-A-Wish Aug 19, 2006

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Blasty Trooper wrote:This past Saturday, Aug. 19th, we had over 20 costumers at a Class A baseball game in Grand Rapids, MI for the West Michigan Whitecaps. Here is how they promoted the game: http://www.whitecaps-baseball.com/TICKETS/starwars.html

Here are the first few photos from the event: http://www.midwestgarrison.com/forum/al ... ?cat_id=48

The event was organized by Brent Ashcroft TD1044 and Donavon Larabel TX338. We had Vader throw the first pitch, Sandtroopers and a TIE put a hamburger on the stadium roof with a 3-man slingshot, troops leading the crowd in "walking the dinosaur", and other shenanigans. :D The game ended up being a sellout of around 10,000 fans.

We raised over $1100 by having fans takes photos with us, selling Make-A-Wish bracelets, and taking donations before the crowd was allowed in the outfield to watch A New Hope! Yes, they played the movie on the big screen after the game and fireworks. This total may go higher as the team might make a donation too!

There were two Make-A-Wish families there helping out with us. It was an honor to meet them and help raise money for a cause so close to them. Also Rome Ohnui TI1800 brought his KJ heart stickers for everyone to wear. We passed out a ton of trading cards and temporary tattoos. There were many happy kids leaving the ballgame.

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