FS:Master Replicas E-11 Stormtrooper blaster

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FS:Master Replicas E-11 Stormtrooper blaster

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I'm putting up for sale my very rare Master Replicas E-11 Stormtrooper blaster one of the few licensed replicas. When this baby came out it sold out in less than an 30 minutes. At one point they cost 10 grand. This is a limited licensed edition number 1459 out of 3500 ever made. there was no other run of the full scale replica only mini versions. As many of you on the 501 know these are very hard to find and make an absolute awesome display piece or a killer add on to your Stormtrooper replica battle armor.

The prop makers modified a military version of the 1950's British submachine gun to create the blaster prop. To create this fearsome weapon, the prop makers modified the gun by adding plastic "T-track" cover the barrel vent holes. A metal strip was bent into shape and attached to the top of the receiver in order to attach a WWII tank azimuth scope. The original 32 round magazine for the submachine gun was shortened to hold 3 rounds. While many different resin stunt stormtrooper blasters were used during filming, Master Replicas has recreated the metal hero version based upon the blank-firing submachine gun as used in A New Hope. With its heavy, steel construction, the replica weighs almost as much as the actual prop.

This set comes with everything and I have the complete case with a mirrored bottom and stand to hold the blaster. The top acrylic shell and mirrored bottom base are in great condition with no cracks or breaks anywhere that can be found as in a lot of others listed on ebay and other trading sites. The blaster itself is in great condition as it has of course been a display piece its entire life. It comes with the official plaque with the original box and packing foam.

I thought I would offer it here first at the 501 form as I am a former Chicago Force Fan Club member. My advice get this while you can as these rarely come up, especially in this pristine condition. In this condition I have seen them go up to as much as $4000.00 I am willing to take reasonable offers. I can always sell it on eBay for a good price. If you live in Chicago Area all the better you can pick it up and take it off my hands. As for Photos I will email them to you if requested.
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