IL - Chicago - Double Star Wars Birthday Party 10/17/09

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IL - Chicago - Double Star Wars Birthday Party 10/17/09

Post by Whinter »


Julian’s 10th & Stephanie’s 6th Birthday (brother & sister)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

EVENT COORDINATOR: Cheryl “Whinter” Whitaker

Joe "River" Rivera (CC-3166) - Captain Rex
Cheryl "Whinter" Whitaker (TB-3127) - Biker Scout

Some of you may recall seeing these two young Star Wars fans and their family at WGN and/or Wizard World this year. Back on August 7th, I met these youngsters at WGN at the “Back to School Festival”. They were already in they’re Star Wars costumes and were very excited when they saw a bunch of us there in costume.

Wanda, their mom, asked me if we were also going to be at Chicago Comic Con (Wizard World) in Rosemont later that day because they were going to be there too with the rest of their family. A big smile came to her face when I told her that all of us were actually going to be there after the WGN event. The one little boy (Julian) was in a clone costume and when I told him that Captain Rex was going to be there, he had a hard time controlling his excitement! I told them to stop by the 501st/Rebel Legion Booth at the Con and we could get pictures with them.

Sure enough, later that day they all showed up at the booth, looking for Captain Rex and the rest of the troopers! Well, unfortunately Rex had already “left the building” by the time they got there, but his helmet was there and Julian was in total awe when he was allowed to wear it with his own clone costume! His mom says he still talks about it! His little sister, Stephanie, also got into the act by getting her picture with a certain Biker Scout. [smilie=wink05nr1.gif]

Well, River (CC-3166) was later contacted by the family to ask if some of us could come out for the kids’ birthday party. We settled on the date of Saturday, October 17th and the rest was history.

The Birthday Boy and Girl had no idea we were coming, but the rest of the family couldn't wait for us to be there! a lot of them even made or bought Star Wars costumes and wore them to the party! We had a Queen Amidala, Mini Captain Rex, Ahsoka, Princess Leia, Anakin and even Han Solo!! They REALLY got into it and everyone had so much fun...including River and I! We were actually there for 4 hours, but the time seemed to fly by while we were playing Star Wars Bingo, Hot Thermal Detonator and applying temporary tattoos on all the kids (and some of the adults too). :wink:

One thing the family would NOT let us do was to leave without eating. :lol: So, River and I stayed for a couple pieces of pizza and some wings and chatted with the family a little once out of costume. This was such a great family and we were so glad we were able to make this party happen for them. I think we may have a future 501st memeber on our hands too (if not a few)!

There were a lot of pictures taken as well (although none by me). :roll: I was having trouble with my camera that day. However, we did get some good video footage with my Camcorder. :P I also asked Wanda (the mom) if she could send over a few photos, which she was happy to do so. Here are a few of the MANY, MANY photos taken:


Think they'll recognize me behind this mask?

Looks like Captain Rex found a little green friend.


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Post by River »


Thanks for posting this. This event was SO much fun and the family were so VERY grateful that we came and spent time with them. Heck even their pastor cancelled all his appointments for the day to be at this party! LOL

It was a great day and the kids had a blast having fun with us. When I hear the 501st Podcast one of the things they say in their opening message is "Serving the Community" and we did. We didn't just attend a birthday party, we were also becoming members of this family's community. Everyone there was a part of the town in one fashion or another, from the Pastor, to the pizza guy (who owned the joint) to teachers, police, etc. etc.

We made a name for the MWG and the 501st that day and now more people are aware and thanked us many times for coming out and doing this. some were surprised that we did this voluntarily.

I've heard some people stating that you're treated like a "Birthday Clown". Those people never met Wanda's family. we were treated like the guests of honor, next to the b-day kids of course. ;)

I would gladly do this again. it was so much fun and just great to interact with the kids and adults.

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Post by Schph Gochi »

Kudos you guys!

Cheryl said you guys were there for 4 hours....

:shock: :shock: :shock:

WOW...that is incredible!

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Post by TI4438 »

Four hours!Them kids definately got the bonus plan!

Great job by some hardcore troopers.

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