Morton, IL Pumkin Festival 9-15,16,17-11 -Jedi training

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Morton, IL Pumkin Festival 9-15,16,17-11 -Jedi training

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typical start to all three nights. We were cued onstage to the "Imperial March" and were confronted by an "old Jedi". Vader and the Jedi bantered, Boba was insulted, and younglings fought Vader. On Saturday the show changed and had the Vaders real daughter fall to the darkside and have to battle her younger sister while Vader and the Jedi fight along side them. The older sister is force pushed and defeated and the younger sibling goes to her side to bring her back to the lightside. Defeated the badguys exit the stage. Out of all three nights only Roland and I were brave enough to stay and troop the carnivals midway. We had a blast walking the midway, got free games from the "carnies" and some of the attendees payed for us to play games for them. Photo opps galore and plenty of opportunities to sneak and scare the unaware :twisted: . Thursday was the busiest day and we only stayed till 9pm, Thursday and Friday we stayed till after midnight when the carnival shutdown.

All 3 Days
Mark Berry BH-4265 Boba Fett
Roland Batrouni TK-4186 Stormtrooper 1st official troop :thumbs:
Saturday only
Kent Heath TK-1692 Death Star Troopers
Ryan Summers TK-2429 Stormtrooper

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Re: Morton, IL Pumkin Festival 9-15,16,17-11 -Jedi training

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added to TOD

if this troop is not under your name, please let me know

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Re: Morton, IL Pumkin Festival 9-15,16,17-11 -Jedi training

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Way to go, guys! :D
Morton's Pumpkinfest was definitely one of my favorite troops last year, and I was sorry to miss it in 2011.

Congratulations, TKRoland! You're not a "shiny" any more! :bucketsoff:
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