My Kir Kanos Build (work in progress)

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My Kir Kanos Build (work in progress)

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Hello everyone.

This is my build thread for Kir Kanos.

Updates and new pictures will be continually added as the project progresses. Each thumbnail below can be clicked on for a larger image.

Caveats/Artistic Leeway: Kir Kanos has never appeared in a live action movie. For this reason, there is no definitive reference for the character. The only references are in the comic books. In comic books, the artist who does the cover art is usually different from the penciler for the story inside, who is usually different than the inker, who is usually different from the colorist. Each of these people usually adds their little bit of artistic vision for that comic. That’s why a character on the cover can be very different from the character that’s depicted in the story itself inside. This creates a ton of discrepancies. In fact, armor, clothes, etc. can change design from one frame to the next in the comic. Another problem arises form the fact that the references are from a comic book and not from a live action movies. If you take the picture in the comic book literally, the costume will look like a comic book character or six foot tall plastic action figure instead of looking like the best warriors in Palpatine’s Empire.

With that said, lets get to it. This is a work in progress. I wan’t to have it completed for 2018 C2E2.

Overall Reference: Here are two pics (one from interior of Crimson Empire 1 and Dave Dorman's cover art for Crimson Empire #1). There are a few discrepancies between the two (read above), but between these two images you can pretty much see everything except the back plate armor piece.

Image Image

1. Gloves: The gloves will be made from red leather to give it a realistic feel. I started by finding a pair of leather gloves that fit well to my hand. I chose a pair of Rugged Wear goatskin leather gloves size Large from Menards. I then deconstructed the gloves into its separate pieces to use as patterns. Picture 1 below shows an example of the original glove and then the patterns of the individual pieces. The cuffs on the gloves do not have to go very high because the armored gauntlets will cover them just above the wrist. I am currently waiting for my leather to arrive.

Image Image

2. Helmet: This is one of the only pieces that I do not plan on fabricating from scratch. I have read on the forums that this bucket has been approved in the past with no modifications. This is the Rubies Supreme Edition Royal Guard Helmet. It is pretty expensive, but is made of solid resin and fits my head perfectly. I am currently testing the darkness of the visor. At some point next year, I may sculpt my own.

Image Image

3. Force Glaive: I love this weapon, and I am loving how my version is coming along. The Sovereign Protectors standard is one foot taller than the costumer. I am 6’ tall and the helmet adds a couple inches so to be safe I made the total length 7.5’. Each blade is 2’ long and the center shaft is 3.5’ long. The comic art for the weapon changes almost page to page. The vast majority of the pictures who this weapon being fairly sleek and smaller in diameter than the beefier cover art depictions. The blades are supposed to be able to retract into the center shaft. That means the width of the blades cannot be any larger than the diameter of the shaft unlike what is depicted on a lot of the cover art. Refer to the pictures below for the style that I decided on. Based on the references of the shaft in relation to the hands, I made my shaft out of 1.5” diameter poplar wood. This wood is a bit larger and stronger than the closet dowels, but not as huge as using 2” plus PVC pipe. It fits great in the hand and matches the size references in the comics. The shaft is wrapped in a basket weave type cloth. They make basket weave faux leather (vinyl), but I decided to use 11oz real leather. The leather is hand stamped with a lattice basket weave stamp to give it a bit more flair. Once the leather is completely stamped it will be wrapped around the wood shaft and hand laced tight. The leather is then died black and finished/polished bringing the finished diameter just about a quarter inch larger. The feel and look are awesome and could pass as a real weapon. The shaft end caps will be 3D printed and painted to match the reference. The blades will be made from 1/4 inch aluminum stock and secured to the shaft. Small embellishments will be made to the blades near the end caps to match the art.

Image Image Image

4. Gun Belt: The gun belt will be made using a 2” nylon webbing core wrapped in the same leather used for the gloves. A holster will be made to fit the DH-17 blaster pistol. The Sovereign Protectors standard is 2-3 belt pouches. I decided to make one large and two smaller pouches. The cores will be 3D printed and they will be wrapped in the same leather as the gloves with a magnetic enclosure. The buckle will also be 3D printed.

Image Image Image Image

5. DH-17 Blaster Pistol: According to the Sovereign Protectors standard, this is the pistol used for this build. I found what appear to be a pretty clean set of 3D printer files for it. I am having a friend 3D print one to see how it comes out. TBD.


6. Cape: Haven’t started yet.

7. Skin Suite: Haven't started yet.

8. Boots: Haven’t started yet.

9. Armor: Haven’t started yet.

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