Mission Report Bartlett Independance Day Parade 2012

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Mission Report Bartlett Independance Day Parade 2012

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On July 8th 2012, members of the Midwest and Wisconsin Garrisons of the 501st Legion and the Nar Shaddaa Base of the Rebel Legion joined together for our 10th annual appearance at the Bartlett, IL Independence Day Parade and MWG annual cookout.

At 7am, members started gathering at the base camp at the end of the parade route to help set up tents, grills, etc… for the cook out that is held after the parade. Members dropped their costumes off at the staging area and drove back to base with their tubs.

3420 bags of marshmallows were loaded into the bed of Targ, Cheryl, and Jerry's trucks. The marshmallows were once again donated by Tom’s employer Doumak Inc. makers of Campfire, Fireside and Rocky Mountain marshmallows. Cathy and Phyllis provided the shuttling of members to the start of the parade route.

Once everyone was back at the staging area, we suited up and did group photos combining both MWG and WIG: one with 501st members, one with Rebel Legion members and the last with everyone.

The parade went off without a hitch, and as always the 501st was a crowd favorite. The spectators loved seeing us and getting the marshmallows.

Once the parade was finished, we all suited down, relaxed and ate. After everyone arrived and was full we started announcements.

The first announcement was from event coordinator Tom Schaefer (who had headed this event all 10 years we have been part of it). He thanked everyone for helping and for participating. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 501st participating in the Bartlett Parade, Tom had a special patch that he had made as a personal thank you to everyone. These were given out to each 501st and Rebel Legion members.

Tom was pleased to announce that according to the sign in sheet, we had accomplished Order 66! Meaning we had a total of 66 participants in this years event!

The next announcement was about the next 10 years and new things starting with next years parade…
Specifically, a friendly competition between the Midwest Garrison and the Wisconsin Garrison. We will each be trying to out number each other at the Racine and Bartlett Parades for 2013. MWG will try to outnumber WIG at the Racine parade, and WIG will try to outnumber MWG at the Bartlett parade.
This is a friendly competition to promote good relations between the two garrisons as well as to tie it into a charity fundraising opportunity.

The Lions Club of Bartlett is the group who organizes the Bartlett parade each year. This year in addition to the great compliment we got from them telling us we were a staple of the parade and we will always have a spot in the parade. Two Lions Club members came by our base camp, to thank us for participating all these years, and presented us with a $450 check to use for a donation to a charity we choose. To make it even better, they will be making a donation every year from now on that we participate in the parade.

Midwest Garrison Commanding Officer Aimee Jorgensen has made the call that since Tom had headed this event it should be his call as to what charity we would be giving to donation to. Since he will be participating in a charity motorcycle ride the following Sunday, The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Ride For Kids, the donation will go to them.

The rest of the day was spent socializing and having fun, and ended with a MWG meeting before we all broke down camp and headed home.

Photos can be seen here …..
http://s201.photobucket.com/albums/aa30 ... ?start=all


http://s1099.photobucket.com/albums/g39 ... %20Parade/

Below are the names of those who signed in this year 

Event Coordinator
Tom Schaefer MBO 0118 Mayor of Star Wars Town MWG
Aimee Jorgensen CO 0101 Tusken MWG
Chip Childress XO 9965 Clone Commander MWG
Brian Troyan PRO 8968 Biker Scout MWG
Cheryl Whitiker GEC 3127 Medic Scout / Driver MWG
Damian Jorgensen GML 0826 Stormtrooper MWG
Dan Moriarity 9039 Boba Fett MWG
Jessica Hudak 8238 Juno Eclipse MWG
Matt McDonald 8148 Stormtrooper MWG
Neil Auer 3446 Imperial Gunner MWG
Chris Scharz 9442 Anakin MWG
Eric Pfeifer 3667 Shadow Scout MWG
Rick Devine 6712 Stormtrooper MWG
Kevin Kemarly 3240 Stormtrooper MWG
Jody McQuarters 6443 Tusken MWG
Robert Hamilton 8310 Sand Trooper MWG
Vince Baene 7596 Biker Scout MWG
Jim DeJan 3853 Imperial Crew / Driver MWG
Mark Berry 4265 Biker Scout MWG
Joe Orlando 6074 Biker Scout MWG
Mike Bollow 7155 Imperial Crew MWG
Steve Szyndrowski 3052 Darth Vader MWG
Roland Batrouni 4186 Stormtrooper MWG
Ryan Summers 2429 Stormtrooper MWG
Robert Redden 5206 Clone Commander MWG
David Obaidallah 4185 ??? MWG
Bob Merritt WIG CO 0549 Sandtrooper WIG
Corey Brandt 6475 Bossk WIG
Krzstal Brandt 6575 Biker Scout WIG
James Brown 4958 Imperial Crew WIG
Scott Goebel 6773 Imperial Gunner WIG
Jerry Treiber 5591 Stormtrooper / Driver WIG

Greg Fisher 7748 Jedi MWG / RL
Steve Mammen 7345 X-Wing Pilot MWG / RL
Tom Turner 4913 Rebel Endor Trooper MWG / RL
Mike Olson 3193 Obi Wan MWG / RL
August Webster 9397 Rebel Fleet Trooper MWG / RL
Gina Martino 6216 Bespin Leia MWG / RL
Darryl Sorensen 4050 Rebel Trooper / Driver MWG / RL
Phyllis Schulte 1951 Rebel Trooper / Shuttle MWG / RL
Janine Jender 4838 ANH Leia MWG / RL

Samantha Schell Arena Padme RL

Patrick Lewis ? Jedi MWG?
Kristin Joyce NA Biker Scout
Austin Schaefer NA Imperial Crew
Gabby Jorgensen NA Biker Scout
Allie Jorgensen NA Jawa
Alyssa Patterson NA Imperial Crew
James Burgett NA Snow Trooper

Steve Gaza 4034 Chef MWG
Heather Frelichowski 4992 Chef MWG
Robert Hamelton 9295 Crew MWG
Andrew Marsh 2079 Crew MWG
John Weger 9142 Crew MWG
Steff Moriarity 9038 MM Wrangler MWG
Kim Webster 8934 Support MWG
Rich Markle 1781 Support / Photos MWG
Adriane Bean 4541 Support / Photos MWG
Cally Merritt 3315 Support / Mommy WIG

Darcy Jorgensen NA Support
Ashley Schaefer NA Support
London Duda NA Support
Leia Baena NA Support
Lilly Baena NA Support
Cathy Tomczak NA Support/Shuttle
Ashley McClintock NA Handler RL

On a personal note, I want to say thank you to each and every one who has participated in the event over the years. This is not MY event, this event could never happen if it wasn’t for everyone pitching in and making this what it has become. I couldn’t do it without all of you.

There are a few people I would like to give a special thank you to …..

Targ, He has gone far above and beyond for many years. Driving all the way from Forrest IL many time with a trailer in tow. And had made our Death Star we used in a few parades. THANK YOU MY FRIEND!

Aimee, Who has always been willing to help out and encouraged me to do all we could to make this event what it has become today. She is also the only person to have marched all 10 years!

Robert and Andrew, Two great friends who have always supported me and helped with the parade, going so far as to spend hundreds on food out of their own pocket for our cookout. There has only been 4 members who have been at all 10 parades, Andrew is 1 of those 4 

Phyllis has been a great help over the years at this event. Not only shuttling but helping with decorating and many other jobs that needed to be done. And most importantly making sure that the Rebels got the recognition that they have deserved at Bartlett!

Heather, the last two years she has stepped up and helped make base camp run smooth and made sure all had food when we were done with the parade. She will also be taking over at official head chef at base camp.

Damian, is the fourth trooper to be at EVERY parade since we started participating.

Greg, has helped arrange our permission to set up base camp and who has let us use his big 10 by 20 tent every year.

Wisconsin Garrison, They have always invited us to come up to their Racine parade, and have ventured down to ours in Bartlett. Together we show other garrisons that we are ALL 501st and can and do work together.

Again .. a HUGE Thank you to each and every person, member or not, who have participated and helped make this one of the biggest yearly events for the MWG. YOU make it the event it is. It’s a team effort and could never happen with all of your help!
- TK-118

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Re: Mission Report Bartlett Independance Day Parade 2012

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AWESOME on the donation...
I will be posting that information to the charity blog...

look for it here in the next few days:



Patrick Lewis is a Nar Shaddaa Base member...
his board name is Sakic Jedi

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Re: Mission Report Bartlett Independance Day Parade 2012

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ToD updated. And what a fun day this was........

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