Mike the Nube From Chicago

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Mike the Nube From Chicago

Post by MRoe205 »

Michael Roe
Chicago, IL.

I just wanted to say Hello to the group. I'm very new to this, but I'm very excited to get started. I railroad for a living and my son and I are looking to get into some armor! My son is almost 20 years old so he will be joining on his own soon, but we are a team no matter what!

We would like to start with Basic grunt Republic Commando Armor. I believe we will end up with several suits of armor consisting of classic Storm Trooper, Clone, and the New, (it's only time and money right!) You got to have dreams I guess!

If anyone is willing to guild us in the right direction to get started, I thank you in advance.

Once we are rolling I love the charitable aspect of the events I see online and would like to contribute at some point when we are ready and fully accepted.

Thanks again!


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Re: Mike the Nube From Chicago

Post by hitman »

Welcome Mike!!

For all things clone you would need to check out clonetroopers.net

I am a rail fan myself. Some days I can be seen watching trains at the Griffith interlocking. Really wish I could get my hands on what each different signal means.

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Re: Mike the Nube From Chicago

Post by TKay-Tee »

Welcome! Hang on for a WILD RIDE! :)

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Re: Mike the Nube From Chicago

Post by Chills »

Welcome to the board, Mike!

For all the info you need to know about a stormtrooper set, head over to whitearmor.net. It may seem like overload when you first get on the board, but there's a lot of good info.

BTW, the board is not working great, right now, but they are working on it. ;)

EDIT: The board is working again! Happy days for TKs!!!

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