Noob incoming!

New forum users, please introduce yourselves here. MWG members can answer most questions you may have.

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Noob incoming!

Post by ImperialLoyalty342 »

Hello I am Mason and am in the process of building a shadow trooper. I am not yet in the 501st but I’ve wanted to for a long time now. I recently turned 18 so now the time is right.

I love collecting Star Wars props and figures. Most of my collectables are 1:1 and I try to stay dark side only :twisted:

Is there any advise on what to do after my costume is finished? I know I have to send pics to my garrison leader I believe but what if I live other places part of the year?

I appreciate the advise! Thanks
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Re: Noob incoming!

Post by emmzone22 »

Welcome, Mason and good luck with your build!

When you're finished with your Shadow Trooper, you'll need to submit your pictures to the Garrison's GML (Garrison Membership Liaison). You can find a list of names with their email listed on the MWG home page located under the Members tab.

As for living outside of the area half of the time, that's no issue at all. Your only requirement is to troop in your approved costume once a year to remain active. We actually have members that live in other states.

I look forward to trooping with you someday!
Chris Stewart

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