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Hello from central Illinois

Postby Karbon72 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:55 pm

New to the forums and wanted to say hello. I realize that some may be on different forums so if this post looks familiar, I copy and pasted from a couple others I joined as well. Looking forward to the adventures ahead. Being a member of the 501st is something I have thought about for many years, but just haven't had the time to do anything until recently. Have attended many events and have a good friend who is heavily involved as Darth Vader out on the East Coast. Every time I'm at an event the amount of happiness that I see being brought to kids (young and old) is something you don't easily forget. Being someone who has a special needs person in the not too distant family, and seeing the enjoyment he gets out of attending events, is what got me started down this road. Yes, I'm a bit of a Star Wars nerd too :D After doing some research and talking to current members of the 501st, I decided it was time to get with the program. I am starting a build on a Darth Vader costume, as I know it will be a challenge. I'm quite sure that I'm going to need some help and advice along the way. Anyone that is in my general area, feel free to reach out! Looking forward to being involved! After some "digging", I may do a simple costume first as it will get me going faster. Any recommendations are welcome. Being a bigger guy (6'3" and roughly 280lbs) I'm not sure what the options are. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Hello from central Illinois

Postby Avatar190 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:10 pm

Sorry about the response delay...welcome to the forums, Jay!
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Re: Hello from central Illinois

Postby Dirty Scout » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:34 pm

Welcome to the forums. Please send me a PM. I can hook you up with the Central Illinois group and get you headed in the path to the Darkside, lol.
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