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Deployment Protocol/Procedure (or 'Event Planning Guide')

Postby Crimson » Thu Aug 25, 2005 8:44 am

To aid in planning of events and to answer common questions that may arise, here are some guidelines to planning events.

Each member of Midwest Garrison is empowered to set up and coordinate events. You do not have to pass all information through the command staff for approval and posting; the only time you really need to ask for permission to do an event is if you have a question about its appropriateness.

If an event is deemed inappropriate, or needs some change in its presentation, you will be notified. Otherwise, please feel free to set up events for everyone! The general rule is "The more specific information available, the better!"

Before the event:
  • Make sure the event host knows that people in costumes are showing up. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I've read a few times here and there about events where someone just shows up unannounced and ends up in the middle of a ruckus.
  • Assume they have no idea what the "501st" is -- as it's more likely to be true. Play up the charity/community support angle.

When posting event information, the following pieces of data are critical:
  • Date(s) of the event
  • Times of the event itself, and what time troopers may begin arriving
  • Will a secure location be available to change/store tubs? This is not and should never be a requirement to participate in an event, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  • What will we be doing at the event? As specific details as possible. Make sure to write this information down in such a way where a trooper who just shows up to the event can know exactly where to go and what to do upon arrival without trouble.
  • Will this be a canon/non-canon event?
  • Will this event be restricted to certain participants -- 501st, MWG, certain states only? Or will it be open to all?
  • Are specific costume TYPES required and if so, which kind? And how many?
  • Upon arrival, will you, the event coordinator, be directing troopers or will troopers be expected to ask for information from the event host? If so, who do they ask for and how shall they introduce themselves ("501st" or "Star Wars costumers" is usually the common introduction)?
  • Should troopers expect to pay any admission or parking fees? If so, how much?
  • Do you need troopers to bring or provide anything special? If so, please post it as specifically as possible. Delegation of responsibilities is not a bad thing, but remember to follow up with those who've volunteered for tasks in your event!

During the Event:
  • While planning the event, make sure to keep track of who will be participating and what costume they will use. This will help in determine who can wear which costume or portray which character.
  • You do not always have to defer to the "senior officer" when speaking to people or giving information about our group. If you are unsure of what answers to give or how to answer a question, then you may call over another trooper to help out.
  • If you are uncomfortable talking to people, by all means, call over another trooper who isn't!

After the Event:
  • Be sure to thank the host for allowing us to come troop. They may appreciate the crap out of our participation, but also be sure to show them the same courtesy for letting us indulge in our hobby. This builds bridges. If an "at the moment" thank-you is not possible, follow up with a letter, e-mail, or phone call.
  • Note who participated and what costume they wore (or what function they served if not in costume). This is for archiving our exploits for posterity, and may come in handy for the write-up that may appear on the Web site.
  • Note any unique experiences to summarize afterwards. This is not required, but it does make for some nice reading.

In general, think of the information you would need if you were a participant arriving on the scene, and what you would like to know.
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