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02/18/17 Pekin Library, Pekin, Illinois

Postby Red43j » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:17 am

03/04/17 SAT - Pekin Public Library SW Troop

Venue: Pekin Public Library

Venue address:
301 S 4th St.
Pekin, Illinois 61554


Event Start: 3Pm
Event End: 4:30-5Pm (depends on how we are doing)
Expected number of attendees: N/A
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Comments: I know this is last minute. A friend shot an interview (of me) for class. I was interviewed and asked about trooping for the Legion. She now needs what we call B roll (its the footage you see when someone is doing an interview, where they are actually doing what they described in the interview). That being said, I asked the Pekin Library what they had going on for Saturday and it looks like we can jump into an event...the library has some events going on, so we will have people. If you aren't busy, this should be fun. Pekin Public Library really liked our last troop, I'd like to try and get us going over more frequently (in the future, just not last minute like this!:-) )
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