07/08/18 Sun Bartlett Parade Year 16

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07/08/18 Sun Bartlett Parade Year 16

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2018 July 8th Bartlett Independence day parade


MISSION REPORT – Bartlett Parade 2018

The day was warm but nearly as hot as in years past. Yet not cool either.

At 7am Austin Schaefer had already gotten to the base camp and we arrived shortly after. We got the first 2 tents up, Joey showed up slightly later.

A HUGE THANKS to Cathy Tomczak, Kim W. Phylis for doing the shuttling !
The trooped all got to the staging area. We got our group photo done thanks to Kim M.  LOOKS GREAT and got ready to step off.

This year we had a smaller number of troops, but had just as big of impact. YO ALL LOOKED AMAZING!!! Members from Reble Legion, 501st and Mando Mashups participated.

We started and had a great parade. We passed out over 5500 1oz bags of marshmallows that were once again donated by Campfire Marshmallows! Many thanks to seasoned troopers who managed to make the marshmallows last until to the end of the parade!

As we passed the viewing stand it was announced that we were again their favorite part of the parade!

Many CONGRATULATIONS Ito Chip Childress for being only the 3rd Vader to walk the entire parade! AND DOING IT HIS 2nd TIME ! !

For those who don’t know, every year we have had a different member to be Darth Vader in the parade. Hopefully MWG will have a new vader next year do we can have him participate 

We had several people bring food and had a nice picnic. And Surprise of Kyle attending ! !

The Lions club, who puts on the parade, were great as always. Because of our popularity we continue to hold our #1 place in the parade, just after the politicians We were reminded that we will ALWAYS have a place in this parade even if we just show up on day of parade without filling out a application. The Lions Club has again giving us a check to be used as a charitable donation. This year, as last year, the donation will go to the St. Baldricks. Tom Schaefer TK118 is doing his yearly mohawk on Aug 8th.
Ready for this…. The donation amount this year was $750 ! ! !

Big thank you to Targ for bringing a new 10x20 tent ! Ted for the sound system, To Whinter and Phylis for once again piloting the medical frigates, to all those who helped pass out marshmallows, set up base camp, take photos, and help with all the other things that need to happen to make the parade work! It’s because of EVERYONE that this is the huge event it is. !

Damian even pulled up the rear with his blues mobile!

This was a HUGE success and will be again next year. But I will be planning this MUCH sooner next year and asking for more help. And while we will do this parade every year.. Tom is hoping to do something BIG for our 15th consecutive year at the parade in 2017 So PLAN on being a part of this parade every year!

Here are the participants that signed in this year…. If you and not listed.. Either you didn’t sign the sign in or I missed you.. Just let someone in command know so you get your TOD

Hope to see more next year for our 17th consecutive appearance! The most consecutive years in a row for any MWG event!

Tom Schaefer – TK118
Cathy Schaefer
Austin Schaefer
Joey Bloodstipes – 17761
Phylis Schulte – 1951 / Schph Goshi
Alphie Jimenez – Mashups
Tom Rosy – 43017
Kath Grasha – Moody teen
Rudy Grasha – Fetswapcop3620
James Norman – 8114
Heather Dickinson – 66599
Mike Dickinson – 66598
Augie Webster – 9397
Kelly Baudridge – 21200
Todd Roesner – 60151
Kim McCaffray – 8934
Brad Hartstock – 1397
Charoltte Hartstock – 12164
Eugene Almazan – 80870
Sandra Almazan – 10428
Alex Almazan – ctxm1120
Eric Werner – 41551
Kenn Kooi – Concept Vader
Kevin Glass -
Jamie Glass
Mike Olson – 3193
Sam Nirvsteele – 67013
Sharon Nirvsteele – 20117
Phil Cline – 128
Ted Ruller – 36285
Samantha Roberson – 10984
Kim Worley – 12108
Hawk Worley – 12109
Faith Worley – Cadet 0816
Scott Eckelberry – Lobot
Chip Childress – 9965
Jim Dejan -
Emily Dejan -
Kevin Sikera -

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Re: 07/08/18 Sun Bartlett Parade Year 16

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ToD updated. If I missed anyone please let me know. Great job everyone! :thumbs:

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