04/08/17 Sat - Discover Tinley 2017 - Tinley Park 60477

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Rex Fett
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Garrison CO
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04/08/17 Sat - Discover Tinley 2017 - Tinley Park 60477

Post by Rex Fett »

Event: Discover Tinley 2017
Venue: Tinley Park Convention center
Address: 18451 Convention Center Dr, Tinley Park, IL 60477
Volunteer Hours: 60
Ray Bosques (Rex Fett) 3499 / EVCO
Pat Buckley (dravin) 24543 / Co-EVCO
Brad Harstock (TK1397) 1397
Joey Asencios (Joey Bloodstripes) 17761
Heather Dickinson (faylyn) 66599
Mike Dickinson (Avatar190) 66598
Rudy Grasha (FettSwatCop) 3620
Marc Zachacki (Zahack) 92585
Mike Mathews (Vreedonsett) 13140
Veronica Mathews (Ellowick) 42681
Chris Kowalski (MusicalJedi) 52610
Chris Stewart (emmzone22) 21470
Nate Troxel (Superfan29) 72979

Comments: Many thanks to Pat "dravin" Buckley, I had to miss the 1st half of the troop due to training at work, and he stepped up to the plate. This was also a great surprise for Nate Troxten who little did he know, was given his own approved crew man costume and got to troop for the day. Thank you to Veronica Mathew and Chris Stewart for putting this together and all the members that helped finance the awesome gift.
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Garrison Event Coordinator
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Re: 04/08/17 Sat - Discover Tinley 2017 - Tinley Park 60477

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. Great job! :thumbs:

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