09/24/17 Sun - Fall Fun Fest - Oak Lawn 60453

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Rex Fett
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09/24/17 Sun - Fall Fun Fest - Oak Lawn 60453

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Event Name: Fall Fun Fest
Date: Sunday, September 24th
Venue: Children's Museum in Oak Lawn
Address: 5100 Museum Dr. Oak Lawn, IL. 60453
Donation / Money Raised: N/A
Total hours trooped:
Troopers Involved:
Ana Golez (Ana Utini) 12371 / Jawa
Chris Buetsch (ToolGuy301) 21273 / Jodo Kast
Daniel P. Venske (4_and_5s ) 45456 / ID (Imperial Officer: Olive Drab Line Officer)
Michael Stoughton (PhoebeAndraus) 17294 / Black Krrsantan
Peter Marciano (Marciano117) 82295 / 501st CT
Tim Dunne (Modal Nodes Roadie) 54750 / TI
TJ Wonogas (tacosunday) T33431 / TI
Ryan Bell (Error) 61455 - TK
Ray Bosques (Rex Fett) 3499 / EVCO
Rachel Rrnstein - Handler

Comments: Although it was a very hot day, the crew held it together and ROCKED the event. Lots a great compliments from the staff and patrons. The garrison looked good today, and thanks to the troopers.

Photos from the event: Coming soon.
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Re: 09/24/17 Sun - Fall Fun Fest - Oak Lawn 60453

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. Great job on a hot day! :thumbs:

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