09/16/17 SAT- RSO John Williams Concert- RFD 61103

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09/16/17 SAT- RSO John Williams Concert- RFD 61103

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On Saturday, September 16th, the Rockford Symphony Orchestra performed "Star Wars + More: The Music of John Williams" at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. The first half of the concert was dedicated to Star Wars and the second half had themes from Harry Potter, ET, Superman, Jurassic Park, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Several members of the Midwest Garrison and Nar Shadaa Base, as well as some Harry Potter costumers and a T-Rex, interacted with those in attendance before the concert and intermission. During the Throne Room/Finale (end of the first half), the Star Wars characters walked down the aisle to the stage to signal the end of the first half. During the second half's Jurassic Park theme, a T-Rex came on stage and danced (while trying to conduct the orchestra, but the real conductor wouldn't let it). After the concert, several members of MWG and NSB, as well as the T-Rex and Ginny Weasley mingled with VIPs in the Founder's Apartment on the third floor of the Coronado.

Those in attendance:
Anthony Day 7956- TFA Kylo Ren/ Professor Snape
Jen Loomis 5365- trooper support/photos/ Molly Weasley
Darryl Sorensen 4050- TIE pilot
Blair Douglas 12266- ANH Leia
Chris Buetsch 21273- Boba Fett
Rob Graham 33050- ANH TK
Alisha Sorensen- droid handler
Scott Eckelberry- Lobot
Valerie Kessler- Rey

Salvation Army were there collecting for the disaster relief before the concert, but the total donation is unavailable.
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Re: 09/16/17 SAT- RSO John Williams Concert- RFD 61103

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Pics- Star Wars & more at the Rockford symphony orchestra (9/16/17):
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Re: 09/16/17 SAT- RSO John Williams Concert- RFD 61103

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ToD updated. Sounds like a fun time! :thumbs:

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