09/10/17 Sun-Misericordia Family Fest

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09/10/17 Sun-Misericordia Family Fest

Post by gazmosis »

Another perfect day in Chicago led to a the overall wonderful day that was had by everyone at the 2017 Misericordia Family Fest. This is the event that reminds many just why we dress up as plastic spacemen. The joy and warmth of the staff and the visitors makes this one of the most heartwarming events of the year. Thank you to all who attended!!!
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Troopers at attendance:
Peter Marciano II CT82295 TIE reserve
Sam Nirve TK 67013 Stormtrooper
Rob Graham TB 33050 Biker Scout
Shannon Buetsch BH 82371 Boushh
Chris Buetsch BH 21273 Boba Fett
Sharon Nirvasteele TK 20117 Stormtrooper
Dan Vensk TK 45456 Officer
Katie Nowik TK 91899 Stormtrooper
Jenna Nowik CDZ1020 Jawa
Adriane Bean TK 4541 Photographer
Eric Werner TK 41551 Corsec Pilot
Steve Gaza TK 4034 TIE Pilot
Ted Ruler TI36285 181st TIE Pilot
Steve Jackson TK11238 Stormtrooper
Blair Douglas TK12266 Stormtrooper
Kevin Glass TK2834 First Order Stormtrooper
Jack Simonds TK 26991 Stormtrooper
TJ Wongas TI 33431 Tie Pilot
Ana Golez DZ12371 Jawa
Rudy Grasha TK 3620 First Order Stormtrooper
Kevin Grasha R2 operator
Kathy Grasha Mouse droid operator

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Re: 09/10/17 Sun-Misericordia Family Fest

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. Sounds like a great day! :thumbs:

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