09/01/2017 - Force Friday@Wandering Dragon - Plainfield, IL

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09/01/2017 - Force Friday@Wandering Dragon - Plainfield, IL

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Date: 01 September 2017
Event Name: Force Friday - The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe
Venue: The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe
Venue address: 15032 S. Des Plaines St., Plainfield, IL 60544
Donation/Money Raised: $200 indirect / Red Cross Hurricane Relief Funds
Persons in attendance: 25

Total hours trooped: 6
Troopers involved: 6

* 09/01/17 IL Plainfield - Force Friday - The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe
  • Jeffrey Lee (Lucky) TK-13132 / Stormtrooper
    Mike Mathews (Vreedonsett) DZ-13140 / A’Sharad Hett
    Veronica Mathews (Ellowick) DZ-42681 / Handler/Photo
    Mike Dickinson (Avatar190) TR-66598 / Imperial Knight (EvCo)
    Heather Dickinson (Faylyn) TI-66599 / TIE Pilot: ANH
    Karo Lee TXC-2188 / Stormtrooper Cadet (Galactic Academy)
Comments: We were asked if we were able to appear for Force Friday at Wandering Dragon during the conversation I was having with them about Wizard World. The game shop had never done anything like this before, but because they have Star Wars game groups, they thought it would be cool to bring us in for Force Friday II. WDGS offered to give a donation to any charity we had in mind, we basically said whatever their favorite charity was, but mentioned we did a lot of work with pediatric cancer research (and September was the push month for them). Update 9/19: Received a message from Kevin and Laura that they donated $100 to Red Cross, which was matched through another organization making it $200, for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief. I thought that worked out well too, since we also had troopers in the Legion who were affected by both hurricanes, so it might go to help them a little as well. :)

The troop went well. The gamers did seem more focused on their gaming, only pausing briefly to take a few photos with us. We had better success roaming the streets outside of the shop, and Lockport St, where we garnered interest in The Wandering Dragon, Star Wars, and it being Force Friday. The Shoppe was more than pleased with our presence, and would love for us to come out to any one of their Star Wars game nights once again. They hope something can be arranged.

Picture from the troop:

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Re: 09/01/2017 - Force Friday@Wandering Dragon - Plainfield,

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ToD updated. Great job! :thumbs:

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