08/12/2017 Leonard Family Fundraiser

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08/12/2017 Leonard Family Fundraiser

Post by PhoebsAndraus »

Event: Leonard Family Fundraiser
Date: Saturday 12th of August
Address: 108 N. Water St Wilmington Il
Donations: N/A
Total hours trooped : 6 hrs
Troopers involved:
Michael Stoughton (PhoebsAndraus) TK17294 /EVCO / Black Krrsantan
Chris Buetsch ( BH21273) Boba Fett
Todd Roesner (Toddahhhh) TK60151/ TK
Joe Stacko (TR3145) Kylo Ren

Comments: Amanda Hall the coordinator said that everyone there could nlt stop talking about us and
We made Payton very Happy. We were thanked for coming through so last minute since the other group
fell through.

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Re: 8/12/2017 Leonard Family Fundraiser

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. Great job! :thumbs:

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Re: 08/12/2017 Leonard Family Fundraiser

Post by Rex Fett »

I edited the date in the subject.
Before: 8/12/2017 Leonard Family Fundraiser
Now: 08/12/2017 Leonard Family Fundraiser
Yesterday I did nothing and today I'm finishing what I started yesterday.

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