07/02/17 Sun - Barttlett 4th of July Parade- Bartlett IL

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07/02/17 Sun - Barttlett 4th of July Parade- Bartlett IL

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Bartlett 4th of July Mission report - July 2nd 2017

Sadly this year we dedicated our appearance to the memory of our two fallen friends Mike Walden and Terry Beisel who sadly passed away. I hope they saw us and were happy. Buckets off.

We also missed a lot of those who weren’t at arade this year who couldn’tbe there for one reason or another…. Hope to see you all next year..You were all missed 

This year we also were INTERNATIONAL! Yes. We had 2 members of the Mexican Garrison join us !! Jorge Rayes and Sandy Cortez ! It was a honor to have you troop with us and hope to see you again soon.. Your always welcome to troop with us anytime! Consider yourself honorary MWG members!

This was our 15th consecutive year of our participation in the Bartlett 4th of July parade and I think it went great. A HUGE thank You to the Rebel Legion for once again being a huge part of this success!

While rebel were smaller in numbers we were this year, our presence was as a whole as large if not larger than always. This is in no small part to each and every one of those you participated.

I have been told I did a fantastic job With MY event…..

Well let me start by saying Thank you… BUT…..
This is not MY event, and I didn’t do this alone.
This is OUR event..ALL OF OURS! And WE ALL made it a great event. Everyone pat each other on the back because it is each and everyone of us who contribute.

This event has been, and always will be ALL INCLUSIVE! Rebels, mandos, 501st, Jedi, mashups, galactic academy, memebers, non members, recruits, friends, family, approved costumes, non approved costumes, customs ect ect ect …..
And as long as I am main EC..Thats how it will always be.
Its not about the groups, the costumes ect. Its about being all together as one, having fun and enjoying each others company. And all of us enjoying our common love of Star Wars and sharing that love with those watching the parade.

Yes , costumed folks get the most attention and make the parade what it is… But with out all those helping out on side it couldn’t happen. Those taking photos, passing out bags of marshmallows, those filling those bags, those helping out with costume repairs during the parade, those making sure everyone had water, those who brought sound, those who brought banners and flags, those who brought tents, helped set those tents up, those shuttling…. EVERYONE!

I want to acknowledge some of those who really stepped up. And yes, this will sound canned, but the event could not have happened without your help! ! !

Doumak Inc. Makers of Campfire, Fireside and Rocky Mont Marshmallows.
Once again came through and donated over 3500 bags of marshmallows for us to toss out at the parade! Thanks you for your continued support of our event ! ! ! !

Mike and V Mathews..WOW! Watched base camp, helped shuttle, helped cook, sewed armbands, made memorial signs ect ect ect !! I owe you guys big time!

Robert Hamelton, Andrew Marth and Roland who make soooo much food ! And was a good thing too since the guy with the pork arrived late due to road closures.

The Nowiks !!! They were cazy helpful running around the entire route helping pass out mallow bags, holding signes and making sure water got to the marchers.

My wife Cathy and sun Austin and Austin’s friend Mike for doing the same! And Cathy for basically doing more than I can mention for days before and after to help this event become a reality.

Jeff Lee and his family for helping my get the mallows not only from my work to my house, but to the parade and through the parade !!!! A critical job that was well handled.

James Norman for also helping with shuttling. This is something that helps everyone at the parade.

Josie, Phil and Patty for all the extras for the camp site.

Ted for bringing the sound and Maul Hauler, Whinter for being Medic transport once again, Jeff B for the artillery vehicle.

Thanks to Jason Patterson for bringing the grill.
And all those who brought tents and helped with all the other things !! !

Sadly Jim and Emily Dejan couldn’t attend.Hope you are bith feeling better.You presence was missed.
Rex, OUCH MAN! Seriously, cutting your hand wide open is not the best way to get attention LOL..Hope you heal fast brother!

Matt Fryzak… You are now OFFICIALY A MWG VADER! It’s a rite of passage for eave MWG member with a Vader to do the parade at least once. And you now have. Glad you are ok after having to bow out so close the the end, but totally understandable.. Its not a easy feat.

Robert Redden, Take care of those feet!

This year we were joined again by the Mando Mashups! Thanks for coming !

We had costumers from Original trilogy, prequels, Ep7 and Rouge Oneas well as Concept Vader and original concepts like Maul Trooper and the Crystal Trooper. And 2 droids, BB-8 and R2-S5!

Weather was great.. A bit hot, but no rain!no rain ! !

And now the best part….. The lions club, who puts on this parade, gave us a donation for our appearance….. This year I will be giving that donation, along with funds I have raised to St. Bauldrics when I get my annual Mohawk!
What was their donation to us.?......... $500.00

Thank you again everyone for making this a great event and PLEASE PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING NEXT YEAR! I know I said I was done due to the drama, But those who enjoyed themselves and the good vibes far out weighed the negatives, So at this point I will EC this again this next year..But I will ask kindly that I have at the very least a CO Ec to help on the rebel side. And e maybe an EC fore Mandos, and would LOVE to see a contingent of Droids! Lets not forget the Galactic Academy and Mando Mash ups as well! !

I have list those below who had signed in …. If you were there and didn’t sign in, message me and I will add you to the list. If I spelled your name worng Let me know as well ! LOL

Tom Schaefer
Cathy Schaefer
Liz Tomczak
Austin Schaefer
Michael Martenez
Jorge Rayes( Mexican Garrison)
Sandy Cortex( Mexican Garrison)
Ben alexander
Greg Houland
Greg Houland
Darryl Sorensen
Tom Rosy
Joe Asencious
Todd Roesner
Ryan Ball
Mike Mathews
Veronica Mathews
Jim Norain
Kent Heath
Brian Troyan
Destiny Froste
Mike Olson
Eric Warner
Aimee Jorgensen
Kevin Glass
Even McLaughlin
Phil Cline
Patty Cline
Kevin Skiera
Kim McCaffrey
Kim Worley
Hawk Worley
Faith Worley
Josh Robertson
Jeff Baron
Brad Hanstock
Sanlna Almazan
Eugene Almazan
Alex Almazan
Sean Cho
Alexandra Lee
Jeff Lee
James Tampa
Ted Ruler
Sean Hynes
Alphie Jimeapl
Neil Auer
Mike Dickinson
Heather Dickinson
Robert Redden
Marc Zakahici
Jade Landry
Roland Batrouni
Matt McDonald
Jason Paterson
Kevin Glass
Jamie Glass
Jason Stoxen
Rob Graham
Megan Murry
Ryan Murry
Erik Thompson
Valerie Meachum
Anna Rossman
Mark Berry
Chris Kowalsh
Cheryl Whitaker
Katie Nowik
Steve Nowik
Chris Buetsch
Samantha Scholl
Scott ckelberry
Sam Meadows
Tim Duane
Nate Trexel
TJ Wonogas
Ana Golez
Sam Robinson
Ken Kooi
Ben Stoler
Neil Auer
Matt Yackley
Rich markle
Kelly Baldridge
Sandra Almazan
Mike Stoughton
Tim Dunne
Matt Frysztak

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Re: 07/02/17 Sun - Barttlett 4th of July Parade- Bartlett IL

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All - I have updated the ToD list for MWG members who attended the Bartlett 4th of July Parade. If your ToD still needs to be updated please let me know. :thumbs:

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