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IL-Bartlett-Fourth of July Parade-July 4, 2004

Postby TKvanB » Tue Jul 19, 2005 9:13 pm



Name of Event: Fourth of July Parade - Bartlett, Illinois
Date(s): 04 July 2004
Place: Bartlett, Illinois
Coordinator/Point of Contact: Tom

Link to event Information:
MWG Illinois Board

MWG Members that attended:
TK118 - Tom - Trooper
TI3853 - Jim - Tie Pilot/Driver
TI7748 - Greg - Tie Pilot
Jingle Fett - Andy - Fett
TI3228 - Jessie - Support
SL1020 - Jim - Tie Pilot
TK101 - Aimee - Biker
TK826 - Damian - Trooper
Outlander - Jason - Video man
Chunk - Chris - Rebel Pilot (driver)
Shorty - Sara - Rebel Pilot
Princess - Shannon - Leia
Ozzy - Michel - Photos
Old man - Dave - Photos
Mrs Old Man - Jen - Photos
TK BOB 2.0 - Bob - Vader
TK585 - Trent - Trooper
TK895 - Mike W. - Driver
895 Handler - Jean - Support
TK737 - Duffy - Support team
BH2460 - David - Fett
Mrs BH2460 - Support
Bob, badmommy & Family

Pictures located at:
Tom's Pictures
Jim's Pictures
Mike's Pictures

Summary write up:

Over 3 months of planning for what turned out to be one of the highlight moments for the MWG this year! Everyone had fun at this event. It showed the true meaning of "Esprit De' Corps!"

Thousands of children and adults lined the streets to see the Midwest Garrison of the 501st Legion march through downtown Bartlett.

It will be a day long remembered in the Empire. It saw the end of 50 cases of 5 ounce bags of marshmellows distributed to the children along the parade route. Many an adult will rue the day that the EMPIRE invaded Bartlett, Illinois as their children bounce off the walls till midnight or later from a sugar high!

Quoteable Quotes:

- "Lemme see if I have this right - The Bartlett 4th of July Parade begins with a pre-parade meeting At Irving Park Road and Barrington Road in Hanover Park in the empty Dominic's parking lot behind Blockbuster, McDonald's, and Krispy Kreme."

- "You can follow me if you want to I just need to know where you live excatly, I don't want to be like ray charles driving around glendale heights waving my head in sunglasses."

- "You were all such a huge hit!! You could hear it spread down the parade route that you were coming. The group of kids around me were so excited about getting the marshmellows-much better than the popsicles the BSA tried to hand out."

TK/SL/ID 549
Midwest Garrison
501st Legion
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Postby TKvanB » Sat Jul 07, 2007 1:17 pm

I was looking through our Garrison's mission reports and found entries for ALL of our adventures at the Bartlett Independence Day parades. This is pretty cool! 2004
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