MI-Wyandotte-Hewitt wedding-DEcember 30, 2005

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MI-Wyandotte-Hewitt wedding-DEcember 30, 2005

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Name of Event: Wedding for Paul Christopher Hewitt (Groom) & Mary Crose (Bride)

Date: Friday, December 30, 2005


Wedding Reception: Troopers there by 6pm
Guests arrive at 6:30pm

Riverside Banquet Center
3530 Biddle Avenue
Wyandotte, MI 48192

Coordinator/Point of Contact: Jon Leopold

Midwest Garrison members who participated:

Godfrey Washington - TD5454- Sandtrooper
Steve Brejnak- TD465 - Sandtrooper
Roger Rehman - TK866 - Stormtrooper
Dave Gates - BH8875 - Boba Fett

Link to event Information:

Wedding request for Stormtroopers on Fri Dec. 30

Summary write up:

The sister of the groom wanted to surprise the couple with Stormtroopers at the reception. When the new bride and groom arrived, the Imperial March blasted and out came 3 troopers and Boba Fett that had been hiding from all the guests. The couple was in tears and the guests gave our 501st members a standing ovation! The groom said of the moment "I was hoping for the Imperial March and I got the whole Empire!!!"

The four Michigan Squad members added to the reception all night long: as honor guard for the couple, helping with the garter toss, Boba hanging out at the bar, and dancing right to the very end! Breaks were limited as the guests kept them on the dance floor. Their tireless effort created the best wedding the guests had ever been to.

The family donated $500 to Children's Hospital in Detroit in the name of the 501st Stormtroopers. They are going to add to this donation in our name over the course of the coming year, as they feel "it seems appropriate that the donation goes on longer as the memories most certainly will."

We may have recruited some more troops as the bride and groom want to join the 501st! They like to party, come from a generous family, and get tears in their eyes when seeing Stormtroopers and Boba Fett- sounds like perfect recruits for the 501st....

Hello Leo,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Leo. We had post-wedding
recovery, good-byes, and a 14-hour drive back home.

Abundant thanks to the 501st Stormtroopers who attended the wedding. My God
we had fun! Everyone unanimously agreed it was the best wedding they had
ever attended. IT WAS CERTAINLY UNIQUE!!!

Much thanks to Steve, Roger, Dave, and Godfrey!!! We were all impressed at
your professionalism, delighted in your "official" storm-trooper decorum,
and the wonderful and humorous contrast of seeing you all dance and party
the night away. Next to the moment of the initial surprise, my favorite
mental pictures are of you all dancing with the guests--I can't think of it
without cracking a broad smile and a warm glow.

We have some wonderful pictures that I'd be happy to share as soon as we
print them. I'll have my husband or son, Jason shoot them to you as I am a
bit technologically challenged. Pictures of mesmerized children with
stately troopers, Boba Fett in action, my brother's (Chris) amazed
ex-pression when he realized what was happening. When the Imperial march
began playing on the bride and groom's arrival--my brother smiled broadly
knowing this was for him and thinking THIS was HIS SURPRISE. His
ex-pression turned to one of utter amazement--awe-- and joyful glee when he
saw the troopers marching out from the back room where they hid for 30-45
minutes under wraps so the guests would also be surprised. Later on, Chris
proclaimed, "I was hoping for the Imperial march and I got the whole
Empire!!!" It could not have gone, or been, any better. Again-many, many
thanks guys. I'm sure you had to be uncomfortable--but you were sooo
patient. Referring to the moment Chris saw you guys enter the room, I
likened it to the famous line--Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, except
in this case, using my brother's childhood nickname--I said, "Yes Fiffer,
storm-troopers really do exist".

The atmosphere was light, jubilant, and charged---and it was a rocking
reception. Compared to other weddings we've attended, we noticed a higher
percentage of those present got up and danced. We all think the presence of
the 501st loosened everyone up. As one of you had related to me over the
phone about people sometimes fearing the unit's presence might overshadow
the wedding events, we too had had some fleeting concerns that might happen.
However, in no way was this the case. In contrast, I think you kept the
focus on the wedding couple in some amusing and creative ways (the frisk,
garter toss, royal guard--etc). Even those who weren't Star Wars
aficionado's, and the few very elderly guests present, were awed by the
troopers and Boba Fett (Sorry--I keep referring to you all as "troopers", a
phrase that includes Boba. I don't want Boba Fett to develop an inferiority
complex as people were really intrigued with his uniform and the way he
contrasted with the others).

We are making a $500 donation to Children's Hospital in Detroit in the name
of the 501st Storm Troopers. We would like to send the original notice of
the donation to you for you guys to have. I just need an address. Also, I
would like to add to this donation in the name of your unit over the course
of the coming year and will forward notice as I do so. It seems appropriate
that the donation goes on longer as the memories most certainly will.

On behalf of the bride and groom, Chris and Mary Hewitt, our family's and

I'm sooo tired....I must admit this was the first type of event like this where I didn't get grabbed inappropriately for a change. Nice people and wow...now I know that godfrey takes just as long to eat as he does to get into armor....I'll remember that next time we're doing shifts to get a chance to eat...LOL

More fun than should be allowed by law!


This Wedding Reception was AWESOME !! and the dancing was. .WILD!!,GREAT!!..CRAZY!!!..FUN!!! AWESOME !!..We dance until 12:30am..All of us Dance !!..Dance and MORE ..Dance..We Sweat!! our Butts off and we salute with our Guns and rifles, follow the Wedding couple everywhere. GROWN FOLKS were Crazy about us!!. .You were thought we were a "ROCK GROUP". The rest of the story was UNBELIEVABLE !!!..AWESOME!!!..The people treated us like Kings and we had FFFFOOOOOODDDD !!!!..We Hustle Dance. We Dirty Dance!!..We did all kind of dancing and they went CRAZY !!..They wouldn't let us rest..But we did ( We walk very fast to the "break room" ( Changing Room) to COOL OFF!! then they KEPT KNOCKING at the door for MORE!!!.We try to Cool off but they didn't let us cool off or finish our food. It was FUN and EXCITED!!..and Boy we had GROUPIES ..It was worth every second. This event was sssso excited and Great. The couple was in tears..when we first walk out and people stood up on there feet clapping. The wedding couple are ssso excited we came and didn't want us to leave..Well ..we stayed until near 1:00 AM..party !!! ..and Now the "Wedding couple wants to join the "501st Legion" asap...AWESOME !! ..Well that's my story..and this time my "SHYNESS" Left me Tonight. ...from the Darth Side of the Force !!

Godfrey ( Darthhomeboy-G "

Jon "Blasty" Leopold
TK/IS 5037
501st Legion
Midwest Garrison
Michigan Squad

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